Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Sugarpill - Chromalusts

Since I'm rather fond of the three Sugarpill pressed shadows I have, I figured it was time to give in to my hankerings & try out the Chromalust loose eyeshadows.

Although I've fallen in love with quite a lot of the colours, I restrained myself & went for Stella, Magpie, Darling, Weekender & Decora.

Apart from swatching, I've only used one (I only got them yesterday!), Magpie, but I've already fallen in love with these gorgeous shadows.

Upon looking at the Sugarpill site, Stella was the first Chromalust to grab my attention. Black, glittery shadows are just too irresistible to me. Stella is something else. Gorgeous deep black base absolutely packed with rainbow sparkles. I can't wait to use this for a big night out. Used wet, it'd look really pretty as a glittery liner.

Magpie is a blackened teal on me. Really shimmery, makes for a beautiful yet different smoky eye. This is the only shade I've used properly so far, but from swatching the other four seem like they would work the same way. Looks stunning used dry but pops to a ridiculous (but gorgeous) degree when used with a damp brush. Fantastic texture, I don't think I've ever used a loose shadow that is so soft. Blends really easily & doesn't look at all muddy. 

Sparkly, bright, beautiful teal shade. This one would look great as either a very bright look or, my recent thing, a lower eyeliner colour to offset a smoky lid. I could see this working with Magpie for that kind of look.
As with the others, this boasts a really soft texture & amazing pigmentation. What you see in the pot is exactly what you'll get on your eyes.

Weekender is a beautiful violet shade. The base shade is similar to MAC pigment in Violet but this is far more sparkly with purple & pink shimmers to it. The texture is finer than a MAC pigment, really soft & fluffy. Fabulous pigmentation. This would look great with Stella.


I wish that these pictures would do Decora the justice it deserves. The hot pink base alone is pretty but add in the shimmers & you've got a stunning pink shadow. The shimmers here are a greenish-teal, in fact, they look a little like Darling. Some shadows have pretty, contrasting glitter added to the base shade but can be disappointing as they don't show up so well. This really isn't an issue with Decora. The glitter is very much there & I swatched these dry, on bare skin. Using a damp brush could only make them pop even more. Once again, fine, soft, almost fluffy texture with amazing pigmentation.


Stella, Magpie, Darling, Weekender, Decora - with flash

Stella, Magpie, Darling, Weekender, Decora - outside, no flash

I wish that the swatch pictures were more true to life, they just don't capture how stunning the Chromalusts truly are. Not one of the five I bought disappoint, they're all equally fantastic in terms of pigmentation & texture. The packaging is beautiful & unique, really well thought-out & executed, especially for a smaller company.
There's not one thing I can fault Sugarpill on. They offer amazing colours that look exactly the same on skin as they do in the packaging. Attention to detail is superb & their colour range is excellent.
The only problem? I think this purchase has started a new addiction. I'm lemming the rest of the Chromalusts now!

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