Monday, 21 March 2011

Illamasqua - Toxic Nature

Last Thursday night I attended the Toxic Nature event at my local Illamasqua counter. There was a great demo with the new products that showed us how to use them, which was great & the look done on the model was fantastic.

I came home with four of the new Cream Pigments, a lipstick in Atomic, Precision Ink in Glister & nail polish in Radium. I also picked up the lip brush after seeing it used as an eye brush. It sounds peculiar but it's fantastic for crease work & lining the lower lids. I may have to buy another, I've not used anything else since I got it.

The four Cream Pigments I chose are Bedaub, Emerge, Mould & Dab.
These are amazing, they go on as a cream but dry to more of a powdery finish that's more matte. Although it is a matte finish, it's not dry & certainly not flat.
Cream Pigments can be used anywhere on the face & body. Bedaub & Emerge (mint green & peach) were used in the demo as colour correctors with Bedaub also being used as part of an eye look that also featured Dab & Mould as a liner. Mould was also used to stunning effect as a liner with Atomic lipstick.

Bedaub, Emerge, Dab & Mould



I've been using Emerge a lot as a blush. You only need a small amount & it blends beautifully with MAC's 188 brush. Whilst it's more on the matte side, its peachy colour gives a gorgeous glowy flush.
I've used Mould as a crease colour & was really impressed with how easily it blended. It didn't drag or pull on application or blending & it stayed on, with no fading, all day.
These are also water resistant.

Atomic Lipstick
Atomic is a stunning pink in the same vein as as MAC's Girl About Town.
It's a matte finish but, as with the other Illamasqua mattes I've tried, it isn't overly drying. These lipsticks have great staying power.

Atomic - inside with flash


Precison Ink in Glister

At first, I wasn't convinced by the idea of a nude-toned liquid liner. Once it was used in the demo & I had a chance to swatch it, I was sold.
It is nude but it has tiny shimmers in that look pink & purple depending on the lighting. This is fabulous to use under your eyes to give you a big, wide-eyed look. What I loved about it is its ability to clean up any slight mistakes when using a black liquid liner, especially for the cat-eye look. A quick swipe of this on the edge of the black liner will neaten things up whilst making the black liner pop more.


The last item in my bag of goodies is Radium nail polish. If you like lime greens, you'll love this. It has a very slight amount of shimmer to it, it's not a flat creme.
Two coats gives excellent opaque coverage. The brush is a good size, not too small but not overly large either.
This is only my second Illamasqua nail polish, but I really like these. The colours are true to the bottle & they don't chip easily.


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