Thursday, 3 March 2011

All The Colours of The Rainbow - nail polishes part 2

Greys, silvers & whites.

  1. OPI - Brand New Skates
  2. OPI - Lucerne-tainy Look Marvellous
  3. China Glaze - Recycle
  4. China Glaze - Let's Do It In 3-D
  5. Zoya - Trixie
  6. OPI - DS Coronation
  7. China Glaze - Millennium
  8. China Glaze - Devotion
  9. OPI - Sheer Your Toys
  10. China Glaze - OMG
  11. China Glaze - Sexagon
  12. China Glaze - Techno
  13. China Glaze - Tinsel
  14. Man Glaze - Hot Mess
  15. China Glaze - Fairy Dust
  16. China Glaze - White on White
  17. China Glaze - Platinum Pearl
  18. China Glaze - Glacier
  19. China Glaze - Pelican Grey
  20. Zoya - Freja

DS Coronation & Sexagon are quite similar, both glittery holographic silvers. Sexagon is the more vivid of the two. OMG, also a holographic silver, lacks the glitter.

Fairy Dust is probably my favourite glitter polish to add over a colour. Whilst the glitter is small, it's still obviously there. Looks stunning over just about every colour I've tried it with.

Techno is very similar to the glitter in Cosmic (from the first All The Colours post). It's much easier to do a glittery black with this & a black creme. True, it's more time-consuming because you're using two different polishes. What you're losing in application time is more than made up for with the fact that you'll get a better, smoother-looking effect.

Platinum Pearl is very sheer. If it's a pearly white you're after, this works better over a white creme, such as White on White, than alone.

Hot Mess is a matte glitter. An odd concept, but it really works. Looks great over a darker shade.

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