Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Kat Von D - Truth palette

The new Kat Von D palette - Truth.
As with the previous palettes from the line, there's eight shades inside. Truth includes Sugar Skull, Long Distance, Snake Eyes, Finland (cream), Prague, Galeano, Rehab & Sister.
Sugar Skull and Galeano have been in previous palettes, Memento Mori & Beethoven respectively. The six remaining shades are all new. As with Memento Mori, Truth concentrates more on bright/pastel shades instead of smoky colours. Unlike Love & Fury, which boasted three cream shadows, Truth has just the one.

The left side of the palette is home to greens, a teal cream shadow & a neutral.

Sugar Skull, Long Distance, Snake Eyes & Finland

Sugar Skull makes for a great inner-eye highlight colour & a pale lid shade. Since I prefer a matte or satin brow highlighter, I don't use it for that. Great texture - soft, buttery & very blendable.
Long Distance is a very shimmery lime green. Looks stunning on the lid. Same texture as previous KVD shadows. Well pigmented & very blendable. This is probably my favourite colour from this palette.

Snake Eyes seems to be more of a satin finish. It's not matte, yet it isn't as shimmery as Long Distance. However, it goes on very lightly & takes longer to build up the colour. It's not quite as pigmented as the other shades here. That doesn't mean it's a chalky shadow though, it's still very soft in texture & blendable.

Finland is this palette's cream offering. It isn't quite as smooth as Bloodletting & Crucifix from Love & Fury, it can be a little clumpy. The pretty, light teal colour makes me think it's worth working with.

Sugar Skull, Long Distance, Snake Eyes & Finland

Prague, Galeano, Rehab & Sister

Prague is one of the two matte shades included in Truth. At first glance, it looks like a deep, very red-toned plum. Once I swatched it, I was surprised to see it was actually more of a deep purple, not unlike MAC's Shadowy Lady. As with the other mattes in KVD palettes, this is very soft, unchalky & incredibly blendable.

Galeano first appeared in the Beethoven palette. It's quite a useable colour and fits in well with the overall scheme of the Truth palette. Shimmery, well pigmented & blendable, it works well for a more toned-down look but also works with the more vivid colours here.
Rehab, like Galeano, is another shade that isn't overly dramatic. It's a good inclusion to the palette, it works on its own for a more neutral look & with the other shades for something brighter or more dramatic.

Sister is a bit of an odd one. It doesn't look quite matte inside the palette, but it definitely is. It also looks like a pale pink. Once on, it's more of a peachy/pinky shade & definitely a lot more pigmented than it appears to be in the pan. Not at all chalky, very soft & good blendability.

Prague, Galeano, Rehab & Sister.

Although I'm more of a smoky-eyes girl, Truth is still a nice palette to own. You could easily do a smoky look with Prague but Truth gives you the option of doing a more neutral look or something quite vivid.
The shadow quality is on par with other KVD palettes. The only minus points are Snake Eyes not being quite as pigmented as the other shadows in here & Finland being a slightly more clumpy-textured cream.
For fans of the previous Kat Von D palettes, it's worth checking out. It's also worth looking at if you want something that could take you from day to evening.

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