Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Kat Von D - True Romance Pigments.

Starcrossed, Rapture & Torment

Of the six new True Romance pigment shades, I chose three. Starcrossed, Rapture & Torment. The gorgeous packaging fits in well with the rest of the Kat Von D line. Unlike MAC pigments, these come with a sifter dispenser, less messy but I prefer the ease of getting at the product that comes with an open jar.


Starcrossed is descibed on the Sephora site as a golden beige shimmer. On skin, it looks like MAC's Pink Opal's peachy cousin. It's a neutral with a peach glow to it. Really pretty. Makes for a great highlight or lid colour. 
Looking through my pigment collection, I can't find an exact dupe for this one.

The above comparison swatches are MAC Goldenaire, KVD Starcrossed, MAC Shimmertime & MAC Gold Mode.
As far as texture goes, the True Romance pigments aren't as finely milled as the softer MAC pigments. Yet, they're not as chunky as pigments such as Rose, they lie somewhere in the middle. A damp brush is definitely the way forward to get a smoother application & help prevent any fall-out you may get.

Rapture is described as a golden peach shimmer, which is accurate. It's pretty much a dead-ringer for MAC's Melon pigment, so if you have that already, you can skip Rapture.
Texture is the same as Starcrossed, it's not as soft as Melon. Once again, a damp brush works best with this.

The swatch picture is MAC Melon, KVD Rapture & MAC Tan. Although the flash makes Melon & Rapture look a little different, in reality there's hardly any difference at all.


Torment's description has it labelled as an iridescent purple shimmer. As with Starcrossed & Rapture, it's a slightly chunky texture. A very pretty mid purple with a blue sheen to it. Torment is virtually identical to MAC pigment in Violet. If you already own that, you can skip Torment.

MAC Violet, KVD Torment & MAC Viz-A-Violet

Starcrossed, Rapture & Torment - Flash
Starcrossed, Rapture & Torment - No flash

From the three shades I've tried, these are really nice pigments. Should other shades be added to the line, I'll definitely be looking in to them.

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