Thursday, 3 March 2011

All The Colours of The Rainbow - nail polishes part 1

Aside from eyeshadows, my other weakness is nail polishes. Mattes, cremes, glitters, I love them all. I recently did a reorganise of my polish collection, mainly due to a box of them crashing to the ground in the dead of night, scaring me witless. They escaped lightly, only one bottle was lost. The mess left behind was something else altogether, I wasn't tempting fate & leaving them as they were.

Anyhoo, I came across these nail wheels online. They're cheap & a really great idea, no more digging around for the perfect colour. I number each wheel & keep a list of which colours are on each wheel, no more scrabbling through bottles of polish.

With that in mind, I thought it may be useful to post these as a reference for anyone wanting to know more about shades (if the one they're searching for happens to be here, of course).

To start off, this post concentrates on blacks and greys.

  1. China Glaze - Fortune Teller                                   
  2. China Glaze - Cosmic
  3. China Glaze - Lubu Heels
  4. Sinful - Storm
  5. Color Club - Revvvolution
  6. Deborah Lippmann - Bad Romance
  7. OPI - Black Onyx
  8. Sinful - Voodoo
  9. Zoya - Dovima (matte)
  10. China Glaze - Liquid Leather
  11. China Glaze- Black Diamond
  12. China Glaze - Jitterbug
  13. China Glaze - Awaken
  14. Essie - Over The Top
  15. Zoya - Loredana (matte)
  16. Dior - Black Sequins
  17. OPI - Baby It's Coal Outside
  18. OPI - Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees
  19. OPI - Black Satin
  20. OPI - My Private Jet

There's a few blacks with glitter here. The only big disappointment was Cosmic. In the bottle, it looked like the perfect black with silver holographic glitter in different sizes. In reality, it's actually a nightmare. It goes on very thickly & almost goopy. Despite that, it has a really rough texture. Even several attacks with a bottle of polish thinner hasn't helped the situation. Maybe this is a bad bottle, but on my experience with it, I'd recommend going with a plain black polish & a glittery coat over the top.

As far as the comparison between Revvvolution & My Private Jet goes, yes, there's differences. Revvvolution has a darker, truer black base. My Private Jet is more charcoal with a slightly brownish tinge. The holographic flecks are more apparent in My Private Jet. Revvvolution's sparkle factor is much more subdued. If you love MPJ but want to darken it up, apply it over a base of a black creme polish.

Fortune Teller was a limited edition for Halloween some time back. Usually, I prefer more cool-toned glitters but for some reason, I fell in love with this. Despite it being, in theory, like Cosmic, this is much better application-wise. It's not at all thick or clumpy & doesn't feel rough to the touch. The coppery-orange glitters remind me of sky full of fireworks. An absolutely stunning polish.

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