Thursday, 30 September 2010

Urban Decay - The Black Palette

It's taken a while but I've only just got a properly functioning camera.
My latest object of lust is Urban Decay's Black Palette. True, I do tend to hoard shadows that are good for a smoky eye look but the idea of several all in one place was just too much to resist.
First of all, the packaging is gorgeous. It's black & glittery, pretty much my favourite kind of packaging. Admittedly, I'm not sure how this particular palette would hold up to regular abuse in a bag since it is made of cardboard. I've managed to take it out with me a couple of times with no obvious signs of wear or tear.
It's the inside that counts, right?

Monday, 13 September 2010

Boredom depletes my nail polish collection

Sad but true, when I get very bored I resort to painting my nails. Usually picking a colour & just going with it works but those days when boredom has burrowed in for the long haul has seen me do my nails up to four times.
It's also caused me to get halfway through doing a mani & realising that I'm not feeling the particular colour I've chosen. Sometimes, I'll switch to another shade only to go back to the first colour I started out with.
Let's not even get me started on getting a bad dose of the fidgets. That can only lead to one thing:- smudging, smearing or just out & out ruining your freshly-done mani.
If there's a cure for obsessive boredom-related nail polishing, I haven't found it yet. Until I do, I guess I'll just keep on raiding my polish stash.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Beauty Stuff I Can't Live Without

There's some things that are nice to have, some that are just downright essential. Like any makeup junkie, I'm prone to always looking at the newest thing. As of now, my list is pretty much as follows;

Skin Care
Lush's facial cleansers are a big win for me. I have quite sensitive skin, once I find something that works for me I stick with it.
Herbalism - only recently started using this one but it's fantastic. Recommend for those with combination skin that gets oily in the t-zone. Controls the oil well without drying out areas that are normal. Great for controlling hideous breakouts.

Aqua Marina - this is one of my favourites, have used this for years. Very soothing & great for sensitive skin.

Angels on Bare Skin - lovely, scrubby but gentle cleanser. I like to use this at night after I've taken my makeup off.

Shu Uemura cleansing oils - I can't rave about these enough. They take off even the toughest of makeup with minimal effort. No need for scrubbing around the delicate eye area. MAC's Cleanse Off Oil is a similar product but I found it broke me out quite badly, something the Shu oils have never done.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lush Ultrabalm vs Vaseline

I've been dyeing my hair for quite some time now & a couple of years back I decided to strip the black dye out of my lower layers, bleach them & go bright pink. It's taken some dedication but it's finally got there. Despite doing it myself for longer than I care to remember, I'm still a bit accident-prone and end up with dye on my neck, ears, face etc.
Whilst Vaseline does work to prevent staining, I've never liked how sticky & gunky it felt. Usually I'd leave it off altogether and tackle the stains after. When Lush released Ultrabalm, it claimed in the Lush Times that it was great for this very purpose. I figured it'd be worth a go, if it didn't work I could always find another use for it.
Last weekend, I dyed the upper, black portion of my hair. A liberal application of Ultrabalm was applied first. The first thing that I noticed that it wasn't half as sticky & gunky as Vaseline. My hair didn't appear to be magnetically attracted to it, either. This was great, normally a good portion of dyeing time is given over to fishing out random strands of hair that have got stuck & then they're coated.
After a while, it seemed to sink into the skin a little, but not so much that I was left worrying that I'd still have to deal with any errant stains.
When it came to washing it off, everything came away easily. Ultrabalm & blobs of dye that had run down. No blue-black stains in sight & it left my skin really soft.
The next test comes when I re-dye the pink hair. I'm currently using a mix of Special Effects Cupcake Pink & Atomic Pink. Atomic Cupcake, as I like to call it. Atomic Pink stains like there's no tomorrow but I'm pretty confident that Ultrabalm will be able to withstand its urges to turn everything neon pink, including my ears!

Just My Luck

A relatively new laptop (don't ask, I seem to kill them off with alarming regularity. Mobile phone chargers meet a very early demise at my hands, too) and wouldn't you just know it? The memory card from my camera is too damn big to fit in the slots on said laptop.
This could very well be a perfect excuse to upgrade the camera & buy the little hot pink Nikon I've been eye-balling.

First Post!

So yeah, the title says it all.
This week started out on a grand note. Monday night I got myself all dressed up (with nothin' to lose, all dressed up with my bad attitude...ahhh, I love The Mansfields) and went out to catch Dirty Penny supported by Falling Red.
I'll admit that I went mainly to see Falling Red. They didn't disappoint. Great songs, great show.
As an added bonus, caught up with some lovely people I haven't seen in a while, since Download back in June. That seems forever ago now.
The only bad part of the night was the very dodgy lemonade which tasted like nail polish remover smells, if that makes any sense.
Good times.