Monday, 13 September 2010

Boredom depletes my nail polish collection

Sad but true, when I get very bored I resort to painting my nails. Usually picking a colour & just going with it works but those days when boredom has burrowed in for the long haul has seen me do my nails up to four times.
It's also caused me to get halfway through doing a mani & realising that I'm not feeling the particular colour I've chosen. Sometimes, I'll switch to another shade only to go back to the first colour I started out with.
Let's not even get me started on getting a bad dose of the fidgets. That can only lead to one thing:- smudging, smearing or just out & out ruining your freshly-done mani.
If there's a cure for obsessive boredom-related nail polishing, I haven't found it yet. Until I do, I guess I'll just keep on raiding my polish stash.

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