Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lush Ultrabalm vs Vaseline

I've been dyeing my hair for quite some time now & a couple of years back I decided to strip the black dye out of my lower layers, bleach them & go bright pink. It's taken some dedication but it's finally got there. Despite doing it myself for longer than I care to remember, I'm still a bit accident-prone and end up with dye on my neck, ears, face etc.
Whilst Vaseline does work to prevent staining, I've never liked how sticky & gunky it felt. Usually I'd leave it off altogether and tackle the stains after. When Lush released Ultrabalm, it claimed in the Lush Times that it was great for this very purpose. I figured it'd be worth a go, if it didn't work I could always find another use for it.
Last weekend, I dyed the upper, black portion of my hair. A liberal application of Ultrabalm was applied first. The first thing that I noticed that it wasn't half as sticky & gunky as Vaseline. My hair didn't appear to be magnetically attracted to it, either. This was great, normally a good portion of dyeing time is given over to fishing out random strands of hair that have got stuck & then they're coated.
After a while, it seemed to sink into the skin a little, but not so much that I was left worrying that I'd still have to deal with any errant stains.
When it came to washing it off, everything came away easily. Ultrabalm & blobs of dye that had run down. No blue-black stains in sight & it left my skin really soft.
The next test comes when I re-dye the pink hair. I'm currently using a mix of Special Effects Cupcake Pink & Atomic Pink. Atomic Cupcake, as I like to call it. Atomic Pink stains like there's no tomorrow but I'm pretty confident that Ultrabalm will be able to withstand its urges to turn everything neon pink, including my ears!

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