Friday, 23 September 2011

Kat Von D - Sinner Palette

The third & final of the new Kat Von D palettes from Sephora. Sinner is full of colours to create smoky eyes.
As with Poetica & Saint, the palette is now made of metal, rather than the rubberised finish of previous palettes. The lid is embossed with the design that's featured on the box.

Inside the box, there's a sample sachet of the High Voltage eye primer in the shade Skin. The palettes no longer come wrapped in paper like they did before.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Illamasqua Haul - Theatre of the Nameless

Small haul from Illamasqua's latest collection, two of the Pure Pigments, one of the lipglosses & the new Masquara.

Pure Pigment in Beguile

Looking at the website swatches doesn't do Beguile justice. It looks like a shimmery white, but in person it's so much more. Reminiscent of the Static pure pigment, whereas Static has purple & pink shimmer, Beguile has green & pink shimmer. The shimmer is smaller than that in Static, so this one also makes a great highlighter shade (it looks great over blusher for a really glam night-out look).


Kat Von D - Saint Palette

Saint is the second of the three new Kat Von D palettes from Sephora. Saint features a range of nude & earth-toned shadows.

The cardboard sleeve is decorated with roses, these are also embossed on the palette lid. Inside the sleeve, there's a sample-sized sachet of the High Voltage eye primer in the Skin shade.

As with Poetica, the mini double-ended brushes seen in previous palettes are gone, there's now a mini Autograph pencil eyeliner in Puro Amor (black).

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Kat Von D - Poetica Palette

One of the three new Kat Von D palettes (I'll be covering the other two very shortly). Poetica comprises purple shades with neutrals, shimmery black & a coppery colour. Poetica is a similar colour scheme to the True Love palette, although Poetica has no cream shadows.

Packaging-wise, these palettes still come housed in the cardboard sleeves featuring Kat's artwork. Previous palettes were wrapped in black paper, the new ones aren't. Inside the box, a sample sachet of  the High Voltage Eye Primer in the Skin shade.
The actual palettes are now made of metal, rather than the rubbery finish of previous palettes. Each features a different embossed design.

Deborah Lippmann - Get This Party Started & Makin' Whoopee

Four new polishes for me, all from Deborah Lippmann. There's the Get This Party Started box set which includes three glittery shades & a single polish, Makin' Whoopee.

Get This Party Started includes Happy Birthday & two shades along a similar theme but with coloured bases. Candy Shop has a bubblegum pink base whilst Forget You is a black-based glitter shade.

Happy Birthday

Clear base packed full of multi-coloured glitter in various sizes. A couple of thin coats adds a pretty glittery finish to any base shade. You could probably get a solid, glittery nail from this but it would require several coats. Because of the sheer amount of glitter in this, it can be a bit of a chore to remove but it's worth it for the great look it gives.

Happy Birthday

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Nails of The Weekend

Couldn't think of a name for this particular mani. Purple was the colour of the night, so the nail look was based around that. I chose my favourite purple of the moment, Illamasqua's Poke, threw in some silver, some glitter & animal print.

The products used for this mani were -

  • Illamasqua - Poke for the purple
  • Zoya - Trixie for the silver
  • China Glaze - Nova, a very thin layer to add a bit of sparkle
  • Konad plate M69
  • Special polish in black

The glitter was a touch more obvious in person, but I didn't want to over-do it, it would've overwhelmed the purple.
Ignore the middle finger. As usual, I was messing around before it had dried completely & it smudged a little. I really ought to learn to wait until my nails are properly dry before doing things.

Monday, 12 September 2011

MAC - MAC Me Over Quads

Very small haul from the latest collection - just the two quads, Evil Eye & Lady Grey. What I like about these, besides the colours, is these quads aren't all overly frosty or shimmery. Between the two, there's three mattes, two satins, two veluxe pearls & one frost.

Lady Grey
The Lady Grey quad includes the shades All Races (matte), Tendersmoke (frost), Lady Grey (satin) & Hazy Day (veluxe pearl). Despite being softer shades, I found these to apply well with little trouble.

All Races, Tendersmoke, Lady Grey & Hazy Day

Lady Grey has a very subtle hint of green to it, but I found that it showed up more on pictures than it does in reality. All Races looks a little on the chalky side here, but it doesn't look quite so chalky in person. Despite it being a lighter shade, it's not quite right to use as a highlight shade for me. It'd work better on my skin tone as a light lid colour or to blend out edges on deeper shades.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Illamasqua - Nail Polish in Poke & Viridian

Two shades of nail polish that kept catching my eye at the Illamasqua counter - Veridian, a metallic peacock green, & Poke, a bright, shimmery violet.


Stunning, vivid violet purple. Poke has tiny shimmers in silver & teal that show up on the nail, adding to the overall beauty of this shade.

Two coats will give a good, opaque, bottle-perfect shade. To really bring out the shimmer, a good, glossy topcoat is needed.

Beauty Bargain - MUA Dusk til Dawn palette

Another of the MUA palettes available from Superdrug, Dusk til Dawn is similar to Glitter Ball in the shades but Dusk til Dawn maybe runs a little to the cooler side of things.
The top row features neutral colours for a more toned-down look whilst the lower row houses the dark & vivid shades.
As with the other MUA palettes I've featured, there are no matte shadows in this palette. Three shades have glitter whilst the rest are shimmery, some more so than others.