Monday, 12 September 2011

MAC - MAC Me Over Quads

Very small haul from the latest collection - just the two quads, Evil Eye & Lady Grey. What I like about these, besides the colours, is these quads aren't all overly frosty or shimmery. Between the two, there's three mattes, two satins, two veluxe pearls & one frost.

Lady Grey
The Lady Grey quad includes the shades All Races (matte), Tendersmoke (frost), Lady Grey (satin) & Hazy Day (veluxe pearl). Despite being softer shades, I found these to apply well with little trouble.

All Races, Tendersmoke, Lady Grey & Hazy Day

Lady Grey has a very subtle hint of green to it, but I found that it showed up more on pictures than it does in reality. All Races looks a little on the chalky side here, but it doesn't look quite so chalky in person. Despite it being a lighter shade, it's not quite right to use as a highlight shade for me. It'd work better on my skin tone as a light lid colour or to blend out edges on deeper shades.

Evil Eye

Evil Eye is the quad I was the most excited about. The colours here are Palace Pedigree (satin), Spellcaster (matte), Evil Eye (matte) & Moody (veluxe pearl). Upon swatching these, I found Palace Pedigree & Spellcaster to be difficult to work with. Evil Eye was also a little on the difficult side when it came to swatching, but it wasn't as bad. Using a brush yielded a little more success, but Palace Pedigree & Spellcaster were still hard going. It was tough to pick up much colour from the pan, the shadows are very hard especially when compared to All Races, which is also a matte but it swatched very easily.

Palace Pedigree, Spellcaster, Evil Eye & Moody

Both Palace Pedigree & Spellcaster look very splotchy & uneven in the swatch, this was after swiping the pan several times to try & get a good colour build-up. Moody took just two swipes to get a good, strong swatch. On MAC's site, Evil Eye is described as a blackened green but I found it to be much more grey, only a very slight hint of green was visible.

This was just a quick look I did to try out the shadows. For this one, I used -
  • Lady Grey on the lid
  • Moody on the crease
  • Spellcaster on the outer corner & into the crease
  • All Races to soften the darker shades
  • Blanc Type on the browbone

The colours in these quads are beautiful, but be prepared to have to work a bit harder with the Evil Eye quad.

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