Friday, 23 September 2011

Kat Von D - Sinner Palette

The third & final of the new Kat Von D palettes from Sephora. Sinner is full of colours to create smoky eyes.
As with Poetica & Saint, the palette is now made of metal, rather than the rubberised finish of previous palettes. The lid is embossed with the design that's featured on the box.

Inside the box, there's a sample sachet of the High Voltage eye primer in the shade Skin. The palettes no longer come wrapped in paper like they did before.

The colours consist of purple tones & grey, gunmetal & black shades. All are powder shadows, no creams.
Whereas double-ended brushes were housed underneath the shadows in the old-style palettes, there's now a mini Autograph pencil liner in Puro Amor (black) instead.

Disco Dust, Linzy-Jane, Ace of Spades, Violator

Disco Dust is a pearlized soft pink. Applied to the skin, it has a hint of gold to it.

Linzy-Jane is an iridescent, shimmery mid-purple which is quite blue-toned.

Ace of Spades first appeared in the Adora palette. A complex burgundy shade with lots of purple sparkle. This goes on darker than the pan appearance leads you to believe, on the skin it's quite a blackened shade.

Violator caught my attention the moment I opened the palette. Described as a smoky purple with purple sparkle, it boasts a fair amount of grey to the base shade. I found it to come across as more grey than purple on my skin.

Disco Dust, Linzy-Jane, Ace of Spades, Violator

Holy Bible, Glock, Dorian Gray, Lucifer

The four shades on the right-hand side of the palette. Three of these have appeared in previous palettes.

Holy Bible, a pearlized silver, originally appeared in the Adora palette. This isn't a subtle silver, it's quite vivid & just one or two layers will give you the shade that you see in the pan.

Glock also featured in Adora & Metal Orchestra. A very shimmery pearlized gunmetal shade with a silver tinge to it.

Dorian Gray is brand new to the Sinner palette. Shimmery pearlized charcoal grey that's as deep as Glock but with less of the silver tones.

Lucifer, Sinner's only matte offering, has appeared in most of the Kat Von D palettes. Deep black matte shadow that applies well & blends easily. I've found this particular incarnation of Lucifer to be stiffer & firmer in the pan than in the other palettes, it was a touch harder to swatch this colour. The fact that it is more firm may be a good thing, I've had to repress Lucifer in another of my palettes due to it breaking.

Holy Bible, Glock, Dorian Gray, Lucifer, Puro Amor Autograph liner

Quality-wise, this is a great palette for the smoky-eye lover. All of the shimmery shadows are incredibly pigmented & easy to apply. Lucifer is a little more difficult to work with in its new form but not as troublesome as MAC's Carbon.

Of the three new palettes, this is probably my favourite as I like smoky shades & these ones err more on the cooler-toned side.

Of the old-style palettes, Sinner is comparable to Adora but there are enough differences to justify owning both. Whereas Sinner has all powder shadows, Adora has three creams (the most any palette from the Kat Von D line has had). The grey shades in both are incredibly similar, with Sinner carrying two of the same colours.
Adora doesn't offer a matte black, instead, its black shade has sparkle to it like Ace of Spades.

The other difference is the eyeliner. Adora has the mini brushes instead. Since these brushes aren't much use for anything other than using one of the shadows as a liner (they came in quite handy when using Adora's black cream shadow this way), it's not really a loss & having a liner in the palette could come in handy.

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  1. love love love this pallet its without a doubt one of my favourites!