Thursday, 22 September 2011

Kat Von D - Saint Palette

Saint is the second of the three new Kat Von D palettes from Sephora. Saint features a range of nude & earth-toned shadows.

The cardboard sleeve is decorated with roses, these are also embossed on the palette lid. Inside the sleeve, there's a sample-sized sachet of the High Voltage eye primer in the Skin shade.

As with Poetica, the mini double-ended brushes seen in previous palettes are gone, there's now a mini Autograph pencil eyeliner in Puro Amor (black).

Saint mostly consists of shimmery shades, with one matte colour. You'll need to use other mattes from your existing collection if you don't want a full-on shimmery look.

Heavens, Enjoy the Silence, <3, Downtown

Heavens is described as a pearlized vanilla. It is quite shimmery, so it wouldn't work as a subtle highlight shade. It hasn't got an overly gold tone to it.

Enjoy the Silence is labelled as a pearlized butter-cream. Warmer & with more of a golden tinge to it than Heavens.

<3 is a soft pink with golden sparkle. The base shade is quite matte, but the shimmer makes it similar to a MAC velvet eyeshadow. A very subtle pink.

Downtown has appeared in the Ludwig palette. Described as a pearlized champagne, it has a peachy-bronze tint to it.

Heavens, Enjoy the Silence, <3, Downtown

Sunny, Pray For Me, Bookworm, Caravaggio

Sunny is a very warm-toned pealized gold that's bordering on coppery. 

Pray For Me is a shimmery taupe colour with more brown to it than grey.

Bookworm is described as being a pearlized brown, but it's a little more like <3, it has golden sparkle to it. Quite a warm chocolate brown with a hint of red.

Caravaggio is Saint's matte offering. A dark matte brown that's more neutral than Bookworm, less red tones evident here. Reminiscent of Leather, the matte brown from previous KVD palettes, but Caravaggio is darker still. It's also a little stiffer than Leather.

Sunny, Pray For Me, Bookworm, Caravaggio & Puro Amor Autograph liner

Great pigmentation on all shades, they were incredibly easy to swatch. Caravaggio is much stiffer in texture than matte shadows from previous palettes. It's still easy to pick up enough colour from the pan, but not quite as easy as with earlier mattes. The change in formula may be due to how easily the mattes seemed to break before.

There isn't really an exact dupe for this from previous palettes. The closest comparison would be the Ludwig palette, yet that features greens & a matte black as well as the earth tones.
Another difference is the mini dual-ended brushes that come with Ludwig, as opposed to the liner pencil that's included in Saint.

The choice between the two palettes boils down to whether you want a palette containing purely earth & neutral tones or one that also offers a couple of colour options. Both palettes are good quality & worth owning, but it all comes down to personal preference with the colour schemes.

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