Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Beauty Bargain - MUA Dusk til Dawn palette

Another of the MUA palettes available from Superdrug, Dusk til Dawn is similar to Glitter Ball in the shades but Dusk til Dawn maybe runs a little to the cooler side of things.
The top row features neutral colours for a more toned-down look whilst the lower row houses the dark & vivid shades.
As with the other MUA palettes I've featured, there are no matte shadows in this palette. Three shades have glitter whilst the rest are shimmery, some more so than others.

The neutral shades on the top row are

  • a shimmery vanilla
  • shimmery taupe (this reminds me of MAC's Moth Brown without the purple tinge)
  • shimmery peachy/pink champagne
  • frosty white
  • shimmery taupe - lighter than the other taupe shade & has a hint of pinky gold to it
  • frosty beige/pink champagne

The second row of shades comprises
  • shimmery gold - although this looks very bronze-toned, it's a slightly cooler-toned gold
  • glittery mid-grey - this has small particles of silver glitter 
  •  bright shimmery teal
  • glittery dark teal - it looks very much like a dark, glittery blue in the pan but it's a definite teal
  • shimmery dark purple - less blue than it looks in the picture, but still a blue-toned purple
  • glittery black - think MAC Black Tied

Of the three MUA palettes I've got (Dusk til Dawn, Glitter Ball & Starry Night), this could well be my favourite because of the array of looks you could achieve with it. Glitter Ball boasts a couple more colourful shades than Dusk til Dawn but this is one that could easily take you from neutral looks to smokey via something bright.

The quality of Dusk til Dawn is great, especially considering the £4 price tag. The shadows are soft, so much so that you could experience a little fall-out if you overload your brush, but they are great to blend & have excellent pigmentation to all of the shades.

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