Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Black & Silver Glittery Shadows

Since I did a post on matte black eyeshadows, I though a post on shimmery & glittery blacks would also be a good idea.
Because I'm easily lured in by blacks with shimmer, this is going to require more than one post. For this one, it's concentrating on blacks with silver shimmer.

Cinderfella - MAC

This came out with the Style Black collection a while ago. One of MAC's mineralise shadows.
Nice, dark base absolutely loaded with silver glitter. Goes on smoothly but, because it's a mineralise, there can be a bit of fall-out. Much more dramatic when used wet.

Night Breed - NARS

This is gorgeous. Very deep, black base with vivid silver glitter. This one will show up dry & absolutely pops when used with a damp brush. Great texture that's extremely blendable.
Makes a really pretty liner when used wet.

Machine - Illamasqua

More subtle than Night Breed, the base isn't as dense black. It is still a good, solid black glitter shadow.
When used dry, the effect is quite subtle but there is still a twinkle from the glitter. Used wet, it's more of an obvious glitter.
Illamasqua shadows blend really well & don't skimp on the pigmentation, this one is no exception

Black Tied - MAC

Looks stunning in the pan (which has seen a bit of use!), but this won't look anything like the pan unless you use a damp brush.
A more subtle black than Carbon. It does blend nicely, but using it dry & blending means there will be little to no glitter left once applied.

Night Butterfly Quint - Dior

Dior's version of a glittery black has popped up in a few of their quints now. Once again, it's a more subtle take on the black with silver glitter. The glitter flecks are smaller than some of the other shadows here, so it's quite a subtle effect. Works well as a liner with a damp brush.

Cinderfella, Night Breed, Machine, Black Tied, Dior

For these swatches, I applied straight to bare skin but used a brush dampened with MAC's water-based mixing medium to get the shimmer to really pop. This was taken inside with the flash on.

Creep - Urban Decay

This is from the Naked palette. Less of a matte base, applies & blends really well. More subtle shimmers when used dry, but, as it's not a matte base, it still shimmers really nicely.

Barracuda - Urban Decay

Another UD from a palette, this time it's the Black Palette. It looks far more gunmetal both in this picture & in the palette.
It isn't as deep black as some, but it does still have a dark base when applied. Really nice, smooth texture that blends well.

Dark Soul pigment - MAC (old style packaging)

When used wet, this is less black & more of a charcoal shade. To get more of a black look, it's best used with a base (Greasepaint sticks are perfect).
It also has a tendency to look almost clumpy, the tiniest amount of moisture on the brush works best.
Can be a bit of a problem fall-out wise as it's a loose pigment.

Monastary - Kat Von D

Another shadow from a palette. This one is from the gorgeous Tattoo Chronicles palette.
This is up there with Night Breed if you like a true black base with very vivid glitter. Works well both wet & dry, though, obviously, the glitter will pop more when used wet. The glitter is still apparent when used dry, it doesn't blend away & disappear like Black Tied.
Extremely blendable, soft texture, this is one of my favourite glittery blacks.

Dior, Creep, Barracuda, Dark Soul, Monastary

Once again, these were swatched with a brush that was dampened using water-based mixing medium & the picture was taken inside using the flash.

Cinderfella, Night Breed, Machine, Black Tied, Dior, Creep, Barracuda, Dark Soul, Monastary

This swatch was taken outside with no flash just to show how these look in daylight. Same deal as with the other swatches - used wet with water-based mixing medium.

Android Pure Pigment - Illamasqua

I debated including this one because it isn't truly black. It is dark & over a  black base, it does make for a fantastic glittery eye.
This is gorgeous, it shimmers like nothing else. The problem I have with it is its inconsistency as far as wear goes.
I've played around with several bases & sometimes it stays looking perfect, other times the shimmers seem to fade away. This is odd because they haven't dropped all over my face, they're just not there. If I use it damp with no black base, it can occasionally fade into a dark grey with very little shimmer. When I can get it to work, it looks stunning. It really does need a base with a bit of grip to it but it's worth persevering with. Although it looks similar to Dark Soul, I prefer Android because it is more sparkly. If you want the look without the messing around with different bases, Dark Soul would be the better option but Android is worth trying.

Android, used wet - inside with flash
Android, used wet - outside, no flash

I can't quite make up my mind on my favourite but for a full-on black glittery look, it's between Night Breed & Monastary. The advantage that Night Breed has it that it's a single shadow, no need to buy a full palette. It's also huge in size, it'll last you ages.

Monastary is my pick if you're looking for a palette. The other shades in the Tattoo Chronicles palette are also stunning.

For a more subtle black glittery shadow, Machine wins hands down.

As far as the more charcoal shades, Android is a winner going by shade & shimmer-factor alone, although it can be unpredictable to work with. I'm still hoping to stumble upon the perfect combination to get it looking dark & staying intact.


  1. Wow! That is A LOT of silver shimmer blacks! Can't wait to see other shimmery black you put up! :)

  2. I'm unable to resist sparkly blacks. I think I must've been a Magpie in a former life. ;)
    There's a fair few more to come yet.