Wednesday, 16 March 2011

MAC - Jeanius eyeshadows

The only thing I went for from the Jeanius collection; the four eyeshadows. All four are frosty, no mattes or satins here. The denim-print on them is really cute.

What I would change about these is the size. I wish I could depot them, as they're the same size as a Cream Colour Base, I have nothing to put them in to once depotted. I'm obsessively organised when it comes to my eyeshadow collection, so having these just floating around bugs me.

Anyway, the four colours are Stovepipe Black, Motorhead, Diva in Distress & White Jeanius.

Stovepipe Black

The name is misleading, it isn't really black. It's more of a charcoal/grey with a silvery sheen to it.
This one swatched well; although it had a slightly grainy texture to it, it is very pigmented.
Would make for a nice daytime smoky eye.


This isn't really unique. Shade-wise, it's akin to something like Deep Truth. Still a nice shade, but unless you collect eyeshadows or don't own a nice dark blue, it's one you could skip.
Not as pigmented as Stovepipe Black, it took more shadow to get the swatch as vivid as the one for Stovepipe Black. It's not the least pigmented shadow from the collection though.
Also has a slightly grainy texture, maybe a little more than Stovepipe Black.

Diva in Distress

In the pan, this looks like a really pretty light grey shade. On swatching it, it became a pale, silvery grey with a slight blue sheen. If it looked the same on skin as it does in the pan, I'd probably have more love for this. Would make a nice inner eye highlight shade, as it is very subtle.
The same grainy texture that Motorhead & Stovepipe Black have is also an issue here.

White Jeanius

If vivid, frosty whites are your thing, you'll probably be quite disappointed with White Jeanius. It has the frosty finish but it's a very subtle shade that isn't very pigmented at all. What something like Crystal Avalanche could achieve in one layer will take about three or four with this particular shade. Even then, it won't be as vivid.
Would work as a subtle highlight shade, but it's still quite frosty & has that grainy texture.

Stovepipe Black, Motorhead, Diva in Distress, White Jeanius - Flash on
Stovepipe Black, Motorhead, Diva in Distress, White Jeanius - outside, no flash

To be honest, I'm mostly disappointed with these shadows. Stovepipe Black is the best quality & a nice colour but the other three aren't overly unique, and, in the case of White Jeanius & Diva in Distress, not very pigmented at all. The texture isn't the greatest. Saying it's grainy is the only way I can think of to describe it. It's not at all smooth like a Veluxe Pearl, it's more like the chunkier pigments without actually being chunky (if that makes any kind of sense).

Unless you're overly dazzled by the colours, or swayed by the cute denim print, you could skip these without too much remorse. If you want just one, my recommendation would be Stovepipe Black. It has the smoothest texture of the four (although it's not completely smooth) & the best pigmentation.


  1. I am glad someone shares my opinion of these four shades. I wanted to check them out, so I went to the store, fully believing I would come away with at least two, but didn't even leave with one. I loved Motorhead, but like you said, much like Deep Truth, which I already have, and similar to a couple of other colours I have. I'm always drawn to deep blues, especially when I wear gold. Strangely enough, my favourite deep blue shade is Maybelline, but I don't buy it because of animal testing. :(

  2. Thanks for the comment mechelle.
    These are probably going to be a bit of a pain to work with on the eye, since I wasn't overly impressed with them just doing the swatches.
    Because of that texture & the amount you'll need to use to get a decent colour build-up, it looks like they'll leave a lot of fall-out. Definitely not shadows to use after you've done your foundation.

    Glad I'm not alone in my disappointment. There's probably some people who absolutely love these. Unfortunately, I can't say I do.