Friday, 4 March 2011

All The Colours of The Rainbow - nail polishes part 4

Green, gold & yellow.

  1. China Glaze - Gussied Up Green
  2. Zoya - Akyra
  3. Zoya - Veruschka (matte)
  4. China Glaze - Emerald Fitzgerald
  5. OPI - Cuckoo For This Colour
  6. China Glaze - Jolly Holly
  7. China Glaze - Emerald Sparkle
  8. Zoya - Ivanka
  9. China Glaze - Watermelon Rind
  10. OPI - Jade Is The New Black
  11. OPI - Green-Wich Village
  12. China Glaze - Paper Chasing
  13. China Glaze - In The Lime Light
  14. China Glaze - Mistletoe Kisses
  15. China Glaze - Cherish
  16. China Glaze - Entourage
  17. OPI - Electric Eel
  18. Zoya - Southbeach Ice
  19. China Glaze - Sour Apple
  20. MAC - Peppermint Patti

Veruschka is a stunning matte green. It has tiny shimmers in that give it a bit of a glow. If mattes & greens are your thing, you'll love this one.

Whilst it is a green, Emerald Fitzgerald has a touch of teal to it. Gorgeous colour that the pictures don't do justice to.

There's a few glitters here, but Emerald Sparkle has to be my favourite. It's the green version of Ruby Pumps & just as beautiful. For such a glitter-packed polish, it has a really smooth finish to it.

Paper Chasing is a really pretty bright green. The only problem is, it can stain the nails somewhat. A thin coat of a white polish underneath helps to prevent that.

Electric Eel works best as an addition to another colour. Added over a black, it gives a gorgeous green metallic finish.

  1. China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint
  2. Zoya - LA Pop
  3. China Glaze - Peace on Earth
  4. China Glaze - Zombie Zest
  5. China Glaze - Celtic Sun
  6. OPI - Up Front & Personal
  7. Essie - Shift Power
  8. OPI - Glow Up Already!
  9. China Glaze - Medallion
  10. Zoya - Gemma
  11. China Glaze - White Cap
  12. China Glaze - L8R G8R

Re-Fresh Mint is a really nice mint, not too dissimilar to MAC's Peppermint Patti. I found that it tends to peel off nails incredibly easily. For that fact, I'd choose Peppermint Patti over this one.

LA Pop works as a glittery overlay for other colours. You'd need a lot of layers to make this one opaque. It looks great as a contrast over purple shades.

If you're into using the Konad plates for nail art, Shift Power looks fantastic as a base to a leopard print design.

Glow Up Already looks very gold here (and on the wheel), but it has a greenish tinge to it. You'll need several coats with this one.

I'm not really into golds. Medallion, however, is different. It's more of a cool-toned gold (if that makes sense), possibly due to the inclusion of the silver glitter. It's one of my favourites for a mega-glittery nail look. Two or three coats gives complete coverage. One of my favourite polishes in my whole collection.

The picture hasn't managed to capture it, but Gemma has a lovely purple sheen to it. It's a really unusual green & looks great under bright lighting, where the purple sheen comes to life.

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