Friday, 11 March 2011

China Glaze - Crackle Glaze

Lightning Bolt, Broken Hearted, Cracked Concrete, Fault Line.

I've already done a post about Broken Hearted, but since my other shades arrived, I decided it was time to do one with better pictures.

Of the six shades available, I chose the four pictured. I skipped the black because I've already got the Barry M Instant Nail Effects, I didn't feel the need to have two black crackle polishes. I also opted not to get the OPI version, purely because of OPI's brush size, not so easy to work with for us folks with smaller nails.

I've used them on a nail wheel with both black & white polishes as the base colours to see how they look over lighter & darker colours.
For the black, I used China Glaze Liquid Leather. For the white, a layer of China Glaze White on White topped with Platinum Pearl (also China Glaze) to give it a pearly finish.
For some reason, I seemed to get a smaller crackle effect over the white base. Another thing I noticed is that Fault Line has a slightly metallic sheen to it. Very pretty.

  1. Barry M Instant Nail Effects
  2. China Glaze - Lightning Bolt
  3. China Glaze - Broken Hearted (white base)
  4. China Glaze - Broken Hearted (black base)
  5. China Glaze - Cracked Concrete (white base)
  6. China Glaze - Cracked Concrete (black base)
  7. China Glaze - Fault Line (white base)
  8. China Glaze - Fault Line (black base)

I included the Barry M on the wheel as a comparison.
Further experimentation resulted in a fab look with Broken Hearted over a silver base (Zoya's Trixie. Super metallic silver). Instead of just painting the crackle on as I would a normal polish, I did it diagonally. It came out really well. I would've included pictures but it's been discoloured slightly by my blue hair dye!

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