Monday, 18 June 2012

Sugarpill - Heart Breaker Palette

The newest palette from the fabulous Sugarpill - Heart Breaker.

As with the previous palettes, Heart Breaker contains four matte shadows in bright, vivid colours.

The packaging on Heart Breaker is as stunning as always, but this time, the artwork on the front of the palette is blue, rather than pink.

Flip it over and the colours are illustrated and named, a really nice touch as you don't have to dig through your collection to find the shadow you want.

The top lid houses a decently-sized mirror, it's more than adequate for touch-ups on the go, should you need to do any.
One of the great things about the Sugarpill pressed shadows is the pan size, these are much larger than most, so you're really getting value for money.


The first shadow is Acidberry. Vivid, bright lime green with a definite yellow tone. Matte texture with a slight sheen to it, it's not a flat, lifeless matte at all.
Superb pigmentation & soft texture, applies very easily, blends very, very well.

L - R Acidberry, Absinthe, Nars Rated R, MAC Rated R Starflash

Acidberry wasn't easy to find dupes for, the swatch shows it in comparison with Sugarpill's Absinthe Chromalust, NARS Rated R & MAC Rated R shadow.
Absinthe is less yellow-toned & has more shimmer to it, both NARS & MAC's Rated R shadows are far more yellow & shimmery.
The swatches were all done using dry shadows & applied on bare skin with no primer.


Velocity - Matte Royal Blue. Good pigmentation, but with a more powdery texture than Acidberry. Applies well, but I had a little trouble with the blending, some brushes seemed to remove the colour rather than blending it.

L- R Velocity, Royal Sugar, Afterparty

I compared Velocity with the other Sugarpill blues. Royal Sugar Chromalust is a very close shade, but in loose powder form & with added sparkle. Afterparty is turquoise, rather than straight-up blue & has a pearly sheen to it that Velocity doesn't.
Again, shadows were used dry with no primer.


3am - Matte purple with slight pearly sheen. Slight pink tones. I had a bit of trouble swatching this, but using it on the eyes is a lot easier, the colour came out stronger. Good pigmentation, good to blend.

L-R 3am, NARS Eurydice, Poison Plum, Dollypop

The lighting isn't the best for this particular swatch, it does serve to pick up the slight shimmer in 3am. In the pan, the purple shade in the NARS Eurydice duo looked to have similar tones, but it is much more of a browned-purple with a lot more shimmer once applied to the skin. Poison Plum, a Sugarpill favourite of mine, has less pinky tones & less of a pearly sheen. Dollypop, also a favourite from Sugarpill, is a matte hot pink (which isn't shown to its best here) but I added it in to compare to the pink tones of 3am.


Mochi - Matte seafoam with a hint of mint. Slight pearly sheen. Fantastic pigmentation, great to blend. Applies really well.

L-R Mochi, MAC Aquadisiac, MAC Turquatic

For Mochi's swatch, I compared it with two MAC shadows - Aquadisiac & Turquatic. Turquatic isn't a close match, it has no green tones & has more shimmer. Aquadisiac is a pretty close match, but with a frostier finish. Mochi took fewer swipes of the pan to build up a good, strong swatch.

Acidberry, Velocity, 3am, Mochi

And finally, a quick look I did using Mochi & Velocity, along with Bulletproof & Starling (also Sugarpill shades).

I'm very happy with my purchase of the Heart Breaker palette, the colours are stunning and the quality, as always, is fantastic.