Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Nubar - White Polka Dot

Another polish from my recent Nubar haul, this one is White Polka Dot. Along similar lines to the gorgeous Black Polka Dot, White Polka Dot is a clear base with glitter.

The close-up shows the glitter; large white glitter with smaller white glitter & gorgeous bits of teal/blue glitter scattered throughout.

Whereas Black Polka Dot is pure black glitter, White Polka Dot isn't a stark white, it has a very slight silver sheen to it. The big plus for me with this polish is definitely the tiny teal shimmer.

For the swatches, I layered two coats of White Polka Dot over China Glaze's Recycle. Whilst it does look good over a black creme, WPD pops more over a shade like Recycle, as the white looks brighter & the teal isn't as muted by a black base.

I didn't add a top coat over WPD, it gave a pretty good glossy effect all by itself. The one issue, as with Black Polka Dot, comes in the form of the larger glitter pieces. In order to get them well spread out, you need to spend a little time arranging them with the brush or they seem to clump together.

Of the two, I'd say that Black Polka Dot is probably my favourite, as the black glitter pops far more than White Polka Dot's white glitter does. However, WPD does have the great contrast of the teal glitter, something BPD lacks.
Either way, both are nice additions to your polish wardrobe & can be used over whatever colour takes your fancy. At some point, an experiment combining both variations of the Polka Dot polishes over a base colour will be performed. :)

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