Thursday, 28 June 2012

China Glaze - Orange You Hot?

I have to preface this by stating that I'm not a huge fan of orange. There has to be something to an orange polish, such as it being a holo, for me to find myself falling in love with it. What Orange You Hot? has to offer is its screaming neon shade. And, unusually for a neon, a shimmery finish.

Orange You Hot? comes from the Summer Neons collection, and it is indeed neon. I found it to be more tangerine than out-and-out orange, it's not quite as red-toned.

with flash - no top coat

outside - no top coat

Firstly, these pictures do this shade very little justice. The outside pictures, in particular, really let it down, the weather hasn't been the greatest. The slightest hint of sunshine & I'm out of the door at high speed, all in the name of swatching.

with flash - with top coat

outside - with top coat

First thing to note about Orange You Hot? is that it's quite thick, yet, somehow, it's still runny. Make sure to get as much excess off the brush before applying, this one will try to drip everywhere.
The pictures are two coats of OYH?. It covers well and doesn't seem to need a white polish as a base to bring out the colour. The shimmer is much more apparent with a glossy topcoat.

with flash - with top coat

Whilst I'm still not 100% converted to orange, I do like this shade. I'll probably use it mostly to do neon & animal print mani's with my Konad plates.

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