Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Sleek - i-Divine Bad Girl palette

Another day, another Sleek palette! This time, it's the Bad Girl palette, which is made of 12 stunning dark & jewel-toned shadows.
The box proclaims that it's a limited edition palette, but I've seen it in a few branches of Superdrug now. As with the Ultra Mattes Brights palette, it's priced at a very reasonable £6.99. As with all of their palettes, Bad Girl comes with a mirror in the lid & a dual-ended sponge applicator.

The palettes, regardless of edition, are all the same size & it's a good size to carry around for touch-ups. I have found that some of the Sleek shadows can fade a little throughout the day, even when used over primer, so being able to take it with you is a definite plus.

The shadow names are printed on the plastic insert, but unfortunately not on the actual palette. If you like to know the names of your shadows, you'll have to keep hold of that insert.

Top row L-R - Innocence, Gullible, Blade, Gunmetal, Underground, Noir

Innocence - A frosty white with a hint of silver, applies smoothly, great pigmentation.

Gullible - pale shimmery champagne nude shade, smooth application with great pigmentation.

Blade - very shimmery silvered mid-grey, excellent pigmentation, great application.

Gunmetal - Dark grey shimmer, excellent pigmentation, smooth application.

Underground - Slightly shimmery satin black, good pigmentation, good application, a little less powdery than the other shades.

Noir - Matte true black, smooth texture, great pigmentation & easy to apply, less powdery than other shades.

Outside - no flash

Inside - with flash

All of the swatches done for this palette were done using the shadows dry & applying the shadows straight on to bare skin, no primer was used.

Bottom row L-R - Intoxicated, Envy, Obnoxious, Abyss, Twilight, Rebel

Intoxicated - Dark emerald green shimmer, smooth application, great pigmentation.

Envy - Deep blackened green with a very sheeny satin-type texture, excellent pigmentation, smooth application.

Obnoxious -  Satin texture blue shadow that has a distinct purple tone in the pan but looks indigo on the skin, excellent pigmentation, slightly powdery texture, good application.

Abyss - deep navy blue, matte stain texture that's quite dry to the touch, good pigmentation.

Twilight - Deep purple shimmer, no obvious red tones, great pigmentation & really smooth application, this is easily my favourite colour in the Bad Girl palette.

Rebel - Deep, warm-toned purple matte, great pigmentation, smooth application.

Outside - no flash

Inside - with flash

The pros to this palette - firstly, those colours! If you like jewel tones & deep colours, you'll love this. The textures on all of the shadows are great, there isn't a miss with this palette. The portability of the palette size is great, perfect for a night out or packing for a weekend away.

The cons - the only possible con that springs to my mind could be the lack of a less shimmery highlight colour, but it's not enough to put me off at all.

For £6.99, you're getting one hell of a palette here, not a single bad shadow in this bunch. Perfect for boosting your darks collection or just because it's a great palette to have in your stash.

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  1. Looks like a lovely palette, never really been drawn to it though since I find blues dont really suit me.