Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Beauty Bargain - MUA Eye Primer

I've collected some of the MUA eyeshadow palettes, but I had no idea they now had a primer until a friend told me about it. She gave it a great recommendation, so I decided to hunt it down as I like their shadows & the prices on their products are unbeatable.

MUA's Eye Primer is a nude colour, it's quite light, so it works especially well for those of us with a paler complexion. That doesn't mean it won't work on darker skin tones, as it turns more or less invisible upon application.
The tube isn't overly big or bulky, it's not going to take up loads of room in your make-up bag.
Unscrew the lid & you'll find a doe-foot applicator, not unlike the old-style of UDPP.

Texture-wise, it's smooth & creamy, not incredibly greasy. In fact, it's quite reminiscent of UDPP. It blends over the eyelids easily and doesn't feel heavy upon application, nor does it have an overly-sticky feeling to it.
Eyeshadows stick to this primer like glue, and it doesn't make blending any more difficult.
Because you only need a tiny amount and it spreads so easily, you'll get a lot of mileage out of this one little tube.

I've been testing this for a couple of weeks using several different eyeshadow brands. With the majority of brands, I only had a slight creasing on the inner-most corner of my eyes. This isn't a major issue, as all of the primers I've tried eventually do this on my eyes. It's not the product that causes this, but my eyes, especially in Hayfever season when my eyes tend to water quite badly. I'm starting to think that the only thing that will stop creasing completely is superglue! :)
I can usually get at least six to seven hours before creasing starts, which isn't bad at all.

Only one brand of shadow creased badly on me when using this primer and that was the Sleek palettes.

MUA Eye Primer with Sleek's Bad Girl palette - after application

The picture taken shows how the Sleek shadows looked just after I'd applied them. They were really vivid & true to colour.

MUA Eye Primer with Sleek's Bad Girl palette after  7 hours

The after picture, taken 7 hours later, shows some severe creasing. Not pretty. This only happened with the Sleek shadows, plus the Sleek shadows do seem to crease more than other shadows regardless of the primer I use under them. I'm holding my eyelids & the shadows responsible for this, not the primer.
 Kat von D, Urban Decay & Sugarpill all held up much better, with minimal creasing on the inner corner & the colour still looking just as vivid as it did upon application. The Kat von D shadows in particular worked extremely well. When I came to take them off 8 hours later, the colours hadn't faded at all, they looked freshly applied.

MUA Eye Primer reminds me of UDPP (original version) more than anything else. Yes, the MUA creases slightly on me, but UDPP does too. The big bonus to the MUA primer is it's only £2.50.
I'll definitely continue to use it, the price is great & it's a good primer. If you don't have overly oily lids (which I, unfortunately, do) then this will work wonders for you. If you like UDPP, this is worth trying.
I'll also be stocking my freelance kit with this when I run out of UDPP.

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  1. Totally agree it's not an A* primer but it's cheap and works with the majority of stuff. I've been using it most days too, UD does last a little longer on me but this isn't bad