Thursday, 28 June 2012

China Glaze - Sun-Kissed

Another colour from the China Glaze Summer Neons collection, Sun-Kissed is a vivid neon yellow that borders on highlighter yellow.

For someone who isn't a massive yellow fan, I seem to keep picking them up. This is my third neon yellow nail polish.
Of the three, Sun-Kissed has less of the green tint that is common amongst yellow neons. It shows up quite vividly in the photos, but, on the nails, it's far less obvious.

with flash - no top coat

outside - no top coat

Where Sun-Kissed differs from the other yellows I have is the shimmer. It's quite a strong shimmer to it, which stops it looking so flat & has turned this particular yellow neon into my favourite.

with flash - with top coat

outside - with top coat

Again, the unpredictable British weather foiled my attempts to get some really good shots of the swatches.
One thing to note about Sun-Kissed is how runny it is. It's still a thick polish, two coats gives pretty much opaque coverage (pretty good for a neon), but it does like to drip off the brush during application.

with flash - with top coat

outside - with top coat

If you like neons & yellow, Sun-Kissed is a good polish to pick up. The shimmer alone makes it stand out for me.


  1. Wow that is neon!!!