Thursday, 4 November 2010

China Glaze Goodies

Here's 3 nail polishes I've picked up recently, all by China Glaze. There's still a few more to take pictures of so I'll get to those at some point soon.
There's Zombie Zest from the Halloween collection, Jolly Holly & Party Hearty, both from the Xmas collection.

Zombie Zest

Party Hearty

Jolly Holly

Zombie Zest is an odd one. It certain lights it looks a lot like MAC's Old Gold pigment, golden with a vivid green sheen. In other lighting, it looks more of a true chartreuse. Either way, it's very pretty in an odd way. If you like polishes that look different, you'll love Zombie Zest.

It doesn't look it in the pictures but ZZ is rather glittery. I had a bit of a hard time trying to get that to show up in pictures. The above was three coats, as it's not an opaque polish. It does apply well though, not too thick or runny & doesn't have a tendency to streak. This would look fab over the Xmas collection polish Peace on Earth, an experiment I'll get around to trying soon.

If you like your greens, you'll love Jolly Holly! Deep, rich metallic green that does look like holly leaves. Absolutely stunning, especially for the holiday season.

Excuse the messy application job, painting your nails with shaky hands brought on by a cold is never the best idea. :) This was taken with the flash on so the colour has brightened up a bit.
Two coats here, no top coat. Wasn't too bad on the streak factor, what little there was is probably more down to my lack of a steady hand. Once again, not too thick or thin in consistency. Dries fairly quickly too.

Xmas in a bottle is the best description for Party Hearty. Clear polish loaded with a ton of glitter, large red & green flecks, small golden flecks scattered throughout. You could probably get it to completely cover your nail alone but it would take a fair few coats & be somewhat of a nightmare to remove.

Here, Jolly Holly provides the base for Party Hearty. This combination is absolutely stunning. In the picture, the green glitter doesn't show through all that much. In reality, it is a lot more noticeable, even against Jolly Holly. The combo reminds me of a Christmas tree, all decorated & covered in lights. Gorgeous.

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