Wednesday, 10 November 2010

MAC A Tartan Tale Pigments

 Just the three full-sized pigments here, not the sets of minis.

Three all in all; The Family Crest, Later & Moonlight Night.
All are described as having a Frost finish although they seem to have more of a matte base with sparkles. I was quite giddy at the prospect of three dark pigments in one collection, perfect for the smoky-eyed fan. Even though they are all dark, they are different enough to justify getting all three should you want to.

The Family Crest boasts a black base with golden shimmers. In the jar, it looks similar to Smoking eyeshadow that came in the Smoking Eyes quad released with the Smoke Signals collection. It's easier to get the shimmers to show up when using a pigment as opposed to a pressed shadow, especially if you use them with a damp brush. There is a little fall-out involved here. Not unusual with a pigment, especially a darker one. It is nicely pigmented & the shimmers are evident, more so when used wet. Of the three, this is probably my least favourite purely because I'm not a huge fan of gold.

Check your stash - Unless you prefer pigments or you collect, Smoking eyeshadow can easily be used in place of The Family Crest (especially if used wet). NARS Night Clubbing would also be a good substitute.

Later is a repromote. It originally came out with the Alice & Olivia collection. Once again, a dark based pigment, Later has beautiful purple/pink shimmers that are intensified when used wet. Looks great over a dark base. Makes a lovely eyeliner, either use dry for a more subtle effect or with a damp brush to get the shimmer to pop.

Off-hand, I can't think of a straight-out dupe for this. You may be able to pull off a similar (not identical) look using Slick Black greasestick as a base & Grape pigment over the top.

Moonlight Night is definitely my favourite of the three pigments from this collection. Gorgeous teal shimmers in a black base. I honestly can't think of a dupe for this one. If you like teals & smoky shades at all, this pigment is a certain winner. Great as a deep, dark, full-on smoky eye, crease shade or used as a liner. As with the others from this collection, using it wet will make the beautiful shimmers pop more.

Party, The Family Crest & Moonlight Night

The swatch was taken with the flash on. These are the pigments applied dry, straight to skin.  Only two swipes were used per swatch, so there's not a ton of product on there. 

If you love your smoky eyes with a bit of a colourful shimmer to them, the Tartan Tale pigments are worth checking out.


  1. I love reading your blog. Just found it via sugarpill on FB. Anyway, did you happen to pick up Her Bloomin Cheek from Tartan Tale? I love it. So much. It looks smashing with Soft and Gentle (I always use it to finish my look, anyway) and the other day, I used it as an eyeshadow for a pink/black cut crease look. It was rad!

  2. Hi mechelle,

    Thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying it! :)
    Unfortunately, I didn't pick up Her Bloomin Cheek. I get so stupidly excited over eyeshadows & pigments that I tend to forget about blushes.
    Was it a hot pink? The pink/black cut crease look sounds amazing.

  3. Yes! A beaaaauuutiful hot blue-pink. It is so amazing. It's going to last me forever, too. Its so pigmented, when I wear it as a blush, all I need is one swipe on my brush per cheek.
    I know what you mean about shadows and pigments, I'm that way, too. And lipstick. Oh man, my collection of lipstick and gloss is ridiculous(ly amazing!) But when I saw Her Bloomin Cheek, my eyed practically popped out of my head. The color is like nothing I've ever seen.

  4. It sounds absolutely stunning, kind of sorry I missed out on it now.
    I've got three bright pinks in my pink blush palette: Tippy, Sweetness & Full Fuchsia. I think there's a couple more lurking in my Mineralise blush stash. There's Dollymix too, for some reason I can't pull that one off. I look sunburnt or slapped. Full Fuchsia is gorgeous but the pan is so full-on, it's scary until I remember the 188 brush & a light hand do wonders. :)

  5. Awh! Dollymix is my go-to! I am one pale lady. I learned my lesson back when I was in middle school....perpetually either orange or pink. Was bad news. I have always admired full fuschia, but, like you, have been a little nervous. I should just do it, though. That's the only way I got into Pink Nouveau a long time ago, and now it's my signature ;)

  6. LOL I'm of the pale variety myself.
    You should give Full Fuchsia a go, I bet you could rock it. Pink Shock Cream Colour Base makes a great hot pink blush too.
    Pink Nouveau is stunning, it's up there with Show Orchid. I have a bit of a problem restraining myself when it comes to hot pinks. ;)

  7. I loove Snow Orchid! Pinks are definetly my thing, too. Currently loving anything with a layer of Funtabulous over it....usually for me its Pink Nouveau, Snob or Gaga....or the amazing pink from the Heatherette collection....can't remember the name!
    I've always been eager to try any sort of cream on my cheeks but have never had the courage. I love the way it looks on other people. I'm just afraid i'd never be able to pull it off. Mainly cos my skin is combination and I'm not so sure how it would go over.

  8. The Heatherette pinks were gorgeous. The packaging on that collection just blew me away.

    I'm also of the dreaded combination skin variety. Makes for a nightmare with foundations, even some primers cause me problems.
    Pink Shock is great because it feels less greasy than the cream blushes, looks less shiny on the skin too.