Wednesday, 17 November 2010

China Glaze - Holiday 2010 collection

There's a few colours I skipped in this collection, either because I already have something similar in my stash or they just didn't appeal to me.
Since there's already a post with Party Hearty & Jolly Holly, this one concentrates on Sugar Plums, Mistletoe Kisses, Peace on Earth & Little Drummer Boy.

Sugar Plums, Mistletoe Kisses & Little Drummer Boy

It was mostly the promise of glitter that swayed me into buying Sugar Plums. I'm not a huge plum fan but thought it'd be worth checking out. It was definitely worth buying.

The glitter isn't quite as apparent as it appears in the bottle, that doesn't mean it's totally invisible though. Some it may have been due to using a thin topcoat. A thicker one would bring out the shine in the polish more, and probably the glitter.

A thicker topcoat would also help make the polish look smoother too. This is one of those glittery polishes that has a rougher texture.
Application - wise, you could get away with just one coat, but two is better. It's not a streaky polish and it's not too thick or too runny.

Definitely one of the winners from this collection.

Mistletoe Kisses

If you like greens & sparkly things, you'll adore Mistletoe Kisses. It's a lighter green than I was expecting but it's still gorgeous. A mid-tone green with silver sparkles, Mistletoe Kisses is another of the slightly rougher-textured polishes so, once again, a thicker topcoat is the way forward.

No flash

With flash

This is definitely a two-coater. It's not completely opaque, so two coats will ensure there's no nail edges peeking through.

Peace On Earth

Not what I'd have immediately thought of if you'd asked me to pick a seasonal colour, Peace on Earth is a stunning, metallic, glowy olive green.
Great consistency, very smooth to apply. Opaque so you can get away with just one coat (again, I used two for the pictures). Any kind of topcoat would work with this one as it's quite glossy to begin with.

Little Drummer Boy

Little Drummer Boy initially seemed like the dud in the group. The bottle looked rather uninspiring, just another shimmery, dark blue. On my nails, I did a complete 180 & took to it.

Outside, no flash

It looks like a blackened blue in certain lights. In the picture, there's hardly a hint of shimmer to be seen but it is there.

with flash
Here, you can definitely pick up the shimmer. It's what I'd call a midnight blue. True, there's other dark blue shimmers available but for some reason, I really like Little Drummer Boy. Good coverage in two coats, not streaky & easy to apply. Once again, a good, glossy topcoat really brings out the beauty of this polish.

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