Wednesday, 20 October 2010

MAC Venomous Villains - Eyes

Yes, I'm a little late to the party here. Better late than never though.
Even though I didn't get everything in this collection, it is still a big haul with a fair few pics so it's easier to do this in two.

First up, the eyeshadows.
There are six regular-sized shadows with this collection & two Mineralize shadows. Since Carbon is already a permanent shadow, I skipped getting it. It's already in my collection & I didn't feel compelled to buy it again just for the packaging.


Three shadows here - the aforementioned Carbon
(matte black), Sweet Joy (a pale yellow/neutral in Frost) &  De-Vil (an orangey-coppery shade in Veluxe Pearl).

  Sweet Joy


These two shades don't stand out as "must haves". Of the two, Sweet Joy is likely to see more use as it makes for a nice highlight shade. Although it is a Frost texture, it isn't overly frosty. Rather, it looks more like one of MAC's more shimmery Satin finish shadows.

De-Vil is definitely on the warmer side, one you could skip if you can't pull off warm tones or you just prefer cool shades. Colour-wise, De-Vil is very close to Coppering, also a Veluxe Pearl, so if you have that then you could use it in place of De-Vil.

Evil Queen

Three more shadows with this part of the collection - Her Alter Image
(lavender, Veluxe Pearl), Vainglorious (plummy Frost) & Vile Violet (matte deep purple).

  Her Alter Image


Vile Violet

The Evil Queen part is all about the purples. If you aren't a collector of purples, these are some nice shades to own. Her Alter Image is a gorgeous lavender, great texture as per the norm with the veluxe pearls. Easy to blend with other colours or would look pretty as a soft wash for days you don't feel like putting on a full eye. There are a few dupes available though. Just from MAC, you could replace Her Alter Image with Dreamy V which is pretty much identical shade-wise but has the Lustre finish (although it isn't one of those Lustres with a ton of glitter fall-out), Digit, which is a bit paler and more of a flat finish due to it being one of the less shimmery Satins but the colour is close. Beautiful Iris is in the same colour family but is a little more purple with a slight pink sheen to it. Crystal is also a close match, as is Crazy Cool (also a veluxe pearl, so you get the same texture &  nearly identical shade).

 Vainglorious is more on the plummy side of the purple family.Very soft Frost finish that seems more like a veluxe pearl. Quite red-toned so it may not suit everyone (I can't pull off these shades so well myself). It looks like Cranberry's more red-brown cousin. Not an exact match but you could definitely replace one with the other.

The third shadow is Vile Violet, a pretty deep, matte purple. As with some mattes, it can be a bit awkward when it comes to blending. Using a neutral Veluxe Pearl such as Dazzlelight underneath helps out in this regard. Shadows close to Vile Violet are Indian Ink (very close match, only Indian Ink has a better texture & is easier to blend). Fig. 1 is a Matte2 so it has a superior texture, however Fig. 1 doesn't have a tone as blue as Vile Violet. Graphology, also a Matte2, does but it's more like Vile Violet if it had a touch of black added to it.


The two Mineralize shadows from the collection, and how beautiful they are.

My Dark Magic

She Who Dares

Not too dissimilar to the Mineralize shadows that came out with the Style Black collection. The Venomous Villains versions are two shades in one pan & the glitter flecks are smaller though.
My Dark Magic has a purple side & a pink side. The pink is more of a true pink than Young Punk, which was pink with more of a purple tinge.
She Who Dares
boasts a green side & a blue side (like Blue Flame).
Are these worth getting if you've already got Young Punk & Blue Flame. Absolutely. There's differences with the glitter, smaller & somehow brighter. My Dark Magic is a slightly different shade & you're also getting two other shadows for your money.
As with all of the dark-based Mineralize shadows, you may get a slight amount of fallout but nothing too horrendous. These work best with a dark base, better yet when used with a wet brush over a dark base.

My Dark Magic over Slick Black Greasestick on the left, wet over Slick Black on the right.

She Who Dares over Slick Black greasestick on the left, wet over Slick Black on the right.

The pictures still don't manage to capture how gorgeous these truly are, particularly the picture for My Dark Magic.
If you already use something like Blacktrack Fluidline, you can probably skip the Greasestick. I prefer it because it isn't quite as messy & I can take it out for touch-ups if needed.

I'll be posting about the rest of my VV haul soon.

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