Tuesday, 5 October 2010

MAC Pro Longwear - fresh from the box.

I confess, I have a terrible problem. I'm a foundation junkie. I've tried quite a number now from various brands & even if I find one I truly love, I still get the urge to try new foundations.
At the moment, my favourite is Armani's Lasting Silk. Great colour match, nice finish & good wear-time. Upon hearing about MAC's newest offering, Pro Longwear, I felt that uncontrollable urge to go forth & purchase.

Since my order only arrived this morning, my testing has been limited to a swipe on the back of my hand & on my jawline/neck. I will update with a full review once it's been given a test-drive.
So far, I'm impressed with the colour. It looks quite dark in the glass bottle (I ordered NC15). I was initially worried that it would look like Studio Fix Fluid, way too dark & very, very yellow. Luckily, it blends in quite well with my fair skin. It actually seems to settle to a lighter shade than the bottle indicates. Shade-wise, on dry-down it's quite similar to the result I get if I mix Armani's Lasting Silk in Shade #2 & #4.

Texture seems nice. Not too runny yet not too dry. My main issue with Studio Fix Fluid, colour match aside, was that although I prefer a foundation that runs more on the matte side, it could be very drying. So much so that it irritated the skin on my forehead, leaving it extremely dry.  Pro Longwear has a nice matte finish but still has a glow to it, somewhat similar to the afore-mentioned Armani Lasting Silk. Pro Longwear feels a little drier though, but not to the point that your skin will be screaming for moisture.

Packaging is the standard MAC glass bottle but luckily this comes with a pump like their Mineralize Satin Finish foundation does. You won't have to spend extra to get a pump attachment as you do with SSF.
It's a good pump too. No more wasting foundation by having to pump out a full pump when you just need a dot or two more.

The next step? Testing this out properly. So far, I'm quite impressed but it all comes down to applying a full face & seeing how it wears & feels. Watch this space!

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