Thursday, 14 October 2010

MAC Pro Longwear - My Verdict

Rather than rushing straight into reviewing this, I held off and wore it for several days to get a more accurate picture on how this foundation worked for me.
It's probably helpful to note skin-type here; Combination (oily t-zone, normal elsewhere). The t-zone is what makes or breaks a foundation for me.

As in the previous post about Pro Longwear, it does seem an odd colour straight out of the bottle. Before it's blended in, it looks almost orangey pink, quite scary. Once it is blended in though, it's a pretty good match. I could probably go a shade lighter (not going to happen since I got this is NC15) but it doesn't scream attention to the fact that it is a tad too dark.
For the first day, the texture felt somewhat odd. Almost as if it was reluctant to dry down. Although it didn't feel that way to the touch, my face felt somehow sticky for the first two hours of wear. Since this happened just the once, I assume it was down to the base/primer I used that day. I haven't used that particular base with it again & there's been no stickiness.

Blending seems to all boil down to what you've used under the foundation. Over my sunscreen, Pro Longwear & the MAC 130 brush just didn't play nicely together at all. So much so that I took it straight off. A Beauty Blender sponge did the job nicely.
When used with a different sunscreen (less sticky), the 130 did a much better job than it had previously.
This is a fairly quick-drying foundation, best way to work with it is doing a section at a time, blending before moving on.
Powder over the t-zone in particular may not be essential for all. I chose to use powder & it didn't make the foundation look cakey or too dry, just kept any oiliness in check.

As to the finish? This is a matte but it is not Studio Fix Fluid. Rather, it's a matte with a natural glow to it. Studio Fix Fluid could be very drying, something that I can't accuse Pro Longwear of doing. It also didn't look as heavy on the skin as SSF. Pro Longwear is a better choice for daytime wear for me, whilst still being capable of giving decent coverage. The coverage is good enough to be able to skip concealer.

Wear-time is fantastic. This is one area where it beats my beloved Armani Lasting Silk hands-down. It wears longer but looks fresher at the end of the day. It has withstood a shopping trip in a very warm mall as well as a two hour tattoo session (having your funny-bone tattooed is NOT funny & makes you a little warm & sweaty) without looking like my face is melting off. I've yet to try it on a night out but given how well Pro Longwear performed under those conditions, it looks likely to be up to the job.

Whilst you'll never drag me completely away from Armani Lasting Silk, Pro Longwear is a great addition to your foundation wardrobe for days when you want something with good coverage that can stay looking good all day. I'd definitely repurchase this one.

Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

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