Friday, 1 October 2010

Kat Von D - Love and Fury palette

Bit of a quandry here, I've seen this referred to as the Adora palette & as Love and Fury. Since it's titled Love and Fury on the back of the palette, I'll stick with that one (it is part of the Adora collection I believe).

As usual, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. Rubbery yet sturdy case with beautiful graphics on the outside. Inside, it boasts a decently-sized mirror, eight shadows & two small double ended brushes.

Excuse the fact that it's a bit scruffy. It's seen a fair bit of use.

The light side of the palette houses AlbinoHoly BibleSlayer & Glock. All are frosty shadows with Slayer being the cream for this side of the palette. Both Slayer & Glock have previously appeared in the Metal Orchestra palette.
Albino is a super frosty white shadow. The texture puts me in mind of MAC's Frost pigment, as the glittery chunks are quite large. Albino is much easier to blend though & there's less fall-out. Holy Bible is a white/silver shadow with a smooth texture, good for using on the inner corners with a smoky look. This is the one shadow I had a problem with because when my palette arrived, it had smashed. Luckily, it was easy to repress it. Although it doesn't look as pristine as it should, it works fine.
Slayer, the cream, is a very metallic silver. I also find it to be quite a chunky texture for a cream shadow. To be honest, I never used it much with the Metal Orchestra colours & I probably won't here.
Lastly, there's Glock. A frosty gunmetal/charcoal shade. Very pretty, easy to apply & blends well.

On to the darker side. There's two cream shadows here. Usually, the Kat Von D palettes have featured just one cream each, if any. I'm not a huge fan of creams but the two on this side have changed my mind. From left to right, the shadows are Crucifix, Bloodletting, Ace of Spades & Oddfellow.
Crucifix is a black cream shadow with no shimmer or glitter. I've found it makes a great base for Oddfellow. Usually, I use a primer & haven't found it to crease. Whether this would be affected by omitting the primer, I don't know. It blends really easily either with a brush or clean fingers. It also makes a good liner. Great creamy texture that doesn't feel too wet. Also seems as if it won't dry out in the pan in a hurry (something I've noticed the KVD creams seem to do).
Bloodletting is absolutely stunning. Once again, it's a cream. Similar texture-wise to Crucifix in that it blends & applies well. The difference here is that Bloodletting looks metallic. Looks great in the crease with Ace of Spades on the lid for a more colourful take on a smoky eye.
Speaking of Ace of Spades, I think this could well be my favourite shadow of the lot here. Stunning purple/burgundy colour that doesn't lean too far into the red-purple territory. It's matte with tiny purple & pinkish glitters in. These go all the way through the shadow, not just an overspray. As with most glittery shadows, you'll get the best effect when used with a damp brush. I don't think I have another shadow that comes close to duping this one.
Oddfellow is very much like Ace of Spades, being that it's also a matte with small glitters. Black base with  green & blue glitters here. Once again, you'll get the best effect if used with a damp brush. Using over Crucifix will also amp up the glitter factor.
It's probably wisest to do eye makeup first, there's always a chance of fall-out with glittery shadows.

All in all, Love and Fury is a bit of a winner for me. The quality is up to the great standards of the other Kat Von D palettes & the colours are beautiful. Packaging is stunning, as always.
The only minor cons here are the the texture of Slayer when compared to Crucifix & Bloodletting. It just doesn't compare at all. The tiny brushes only come in handy for quick touch-ups or to apply any of the shadows as a liner, you will need your regular brushes here. Last but not least, yes there's a shadow that would serve as a brow highlight (Albino), but only if you're into really frosty highlights. It'll work fine for inner eye corners but a more toned-down brow highlight, maybe in place of Slayer, would have been a much better inclusion.
Definitely worth adding to your stash if you collect the Kat Von D palettes or these sort of colours appeal to you.

Rating:- 4 out of 5 stars.


  1. Hello! I have this palette and use it in conjunction with Beethoven every day. I am wondering about the cream shadows though, do you use a primer under them or just the cream shadow by itself? I notice they tend to crease a little after a few hours.


  2. Hi!
    I tend to use a primer with every eyeshadow, since even powders crease on my eyes without one.
    The NARS primer is pretty good because it dries to a powdery finish so it works especially well with creams.
    Sometimes, if it's a particularly slippy cream, I'll put a very thin layer of a neutral shimmery shadow on under the cream shadow (still using a primer) just to give it something to grip on to a little more.
    Hope that helps. :)