Thursday, 3 May 2012

Illamasqua - Human Fundamentalism - Lips

Of the four shades of lipstick available as part of Illamasqua's Human Fundamentalism collection, I bought two & already owned a third.

There's also an additional Illamasqua lippie being thrown in here. It isn't part of the collection, but I thought I'd add it to this post.

First up; Apocalips.

A stunning matte teal lipstick. I've never seen one quite like Apocalips, as I have a thing for teal, I had to try it. For such an unusual lipstick colour, it's surprisingly flattering.
With a lot of matte lipsticks, I've found they can be quite drying, this isn't a problem with Apocalips. It's also hugely pigmented; you won't have to pile this on to achieve a good result.


I was going to do swatches of these on actual lips, but mine have been really dry recently. I haven't worn lipstick for a while because of this, so I thought it would be better to swatch them on my arm rather than on dry lips.

The next shade is the gorgeous Box.

I've tried a few matte reds now, but Box is by far my favourite. Shade-wise, it's a deep scarlet that is still vivid & beautiful. Box applies really easily because the texture isn't overly dry or crumbly. In comparison with MAC's Ruby Woo or Russian Red, Box is far more comfortable to wear as it isn't as drying on the lips.  Pigmentation & lasting-power are great, as with Apocalips.


The last colour I got from Human Fundamentalism is Eurydice.

I'm not overly happy with the shots I got, neither the lipstick nor the swatch are as bright as this lipstick is in person.
Eurydice is a bright, vivid pink/fuchsia that is also matte in texture. The reasons I fell in love with Eurydice are it matched my freshly-dyed pink hair almost perfectly & also because of my weakness for all things bright pink!

For this swatch, I decided to compare it to another favourite bright pink; MAC's Candy Yum Yum.

left - Eurydice, right - Candy Yum Yum

As with Eurydice, Candy Yum Yum has also ended up looking rather washed out here. They're both as bright as each other, but Candy Yum Yum is a straight ahead hot pink with no fuchsia tones. Eurydice isn't as thick as Candy Yum Yum & is less dry, so it makes for a more comfortable wearing lippie.

The last lipstick is the one that isn't part of the Human Fundamentalism collection; Pristine.

Yes, it's black! Deep, dark matte black, at that. Unlike cheap black lipsticks, this isn't a thick, waxy black that will smear all over your chin should you take a drink or even move your lips. No, this is black-lipped perfection. Matte, but not drying, not overly thick & greasy-feeling. If black lipstick floats your boat, Pristine is well worth checking out.

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