Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Nubar - Teal Glitter

Because I was so impressed with Nubar's Reclaim, I decided to give some of their other polishes a go. One of the shades I got is Teal Glitter.

The texture of Teal Glitter is a good one for a glitter polish, it isn't too rough once dried. It applies easily & smoothly.

One coat of Teal Glitter gives a glittery top coat kind of finish, you will be able to see any base shade applied underneath. Three coats gives a full, opaque glitter finish.

Althought there are three coats applied here, it doesn't leave you with overly-coated nails.

A glossy top coat is an absolute must with Teal Glitter, without it, Teal Glitter looks a little dull.

As far as removal goes, Teal Glitter is pretty easy-going for a glitter nail polish. It takes a bit more effort than a creme, but because the glitter isn't large, coarse flakes, it's one of the least difficult to remove that I've used.

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