Friday, 21 September 2012

Lush - Independent Liquid Eyeliner

Recently, Lush announced their "Emotional Brilliance" range of make-up. Being a big Lush fan & having previously bought make-up from their now-defunct sister company, B Never, I went to have a peek at things.
I was quite overwhelmed by the choice of colours, but figured I'd play it safe by trying out their black liquid liner, Independent, first. A girl can never have enough liquid liner.

I love these cute little glass bottle. All of the make-up is packaged in these, the lip colours have doe-foot   applicators & the eye shades have thin brushes.

I'm a sucker for a brush, felt-tip type applicators & I don't play nicely together, so a liner that comes with a brush instead scores points on that alone.

Swatching it on my hand revealed a lovely texture; it's not too runny, or too thick, it glides on incredibly easily without dragging or pulling.
Sadly, my love-affair with Independent was short-lived. The next day, I decided to give it a test run on my eyes. Now, when it comes to liquid liners, I have problems; my eyes dislike the majority of them & they cause a stinging sensation on my lids, even when used over shadows & primers. Gel liners & liquids like Illamasqua's Precision Inks & Urban Decay's 24/7 waterproof formulas never do this, but most regular liquids do.
Independent is one of those guilty parties. It wasn't the worst offender in this regard, that honour would go to MAC's liquid liner in Boot Black (I couldn't even leave that on because of the bad stinging sensation), but it was still guilty of the crime.
Whilst the stinging did die down eventually, the fact that it happened at all really put me off using it again.

Independent did last all day, with no flaking, smearing, smudging or disappearing, which was all fantastic. If you don't have problematic lids that are just flat-out picky, I can see how it would be a great liner.

My other issue with Independent was the shade - I like a really deep, dark black when it comes to liquid liners & sadly, Independent failed me there, too. It is black, but compared to my go-to liquid liner, Kat Von D's Autograph Liquid Liner in Puro Amor, it just isn't black enough.

Independent - with flash

Independent - no flash

L-R - Independent, Puro Amor - no flash

L-R - Independent, Puro Amor - with flash

Although I don't blame Lush for the stinging factor, the blame is placed squarely on my eyelids, it has put me off using Independent & also trying other shades from the eye range. The fact that it isn't as black as I'd like is also a factor in Independent getting a big "no" on the repurchase question. When it comes to a regular liquid liner, I'll be sticking with my faithful Puro Amor.

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