Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Glitter Gal - Dark Purple Sparkle

If you've read any of my other nail posts, you'll have an inkling that I have a bit of a thing for holo polishes. Since I loved the last lot of Glitter Gal holos I bought, I figured I needed to try one of their purples.

Enter Dark Purple Sparkle.

Dark Purple Sparkle

This is the first of the Glitter Gal Sparkle holos that I've tried, it's more of a glittery holo finish than the others I have. It's a similar effect to the China Glaze Tronica holo polishes, but the holo sparkle is infinitely more pronounced with the GG Sparkles. Shade-wise, it compares to Virtual Violet from the Tronica collection, but Dark Purple Sparkle is more red-toned.

Application-wise, Dark Purple Sparkle, like the other Glitter Gal holos, blows every other holo I've tried out of the water. It doesn't drag, pull or skip, it just glides on smoothly. Two coats gives you exactly what you see in the bottle.
Although it has a shiny finish anyway, a good, glossy topcoat is worth using to get the best out of this polish.

My only issue with Dark Purple Sparkle is purely a personal one; having looked around, I think I'd have preferred the base shade of Dark Purple to DPS, as it seems a little less red-toned & more the kind of purple I go for. Quality-wise, I can't fault DPS at all & the sparkle is one of the best I've seen. I'd definitely look at other shades in the Sparkle range.

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