Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Glitter Gal - Blue 3D/Holo

Yet another of the stunning holo polishes from Australian brand, Glitter Gal.

Simply titled "Blue", this is an unusual blue holo; it isn't a mid-blue & there are no purple tones to it. The base shade is a pretty, bright sky-blue. The holo really pops in this one, especially in direct sunlight. Even indoors, the holo effect is still evident.

Ouside in sunlight

Outside in sunlight

As with the other Glitter Gal polishes I've tried, Blue is a cinch to apply. There's no dragging or skipping, you won't be left with bare patches of nail. Two to three coats give bottle-perfect colour. A glossy top coat finishes things off nicely & helps the bring the holo to life.

Inside with flash

Outside in sunlight

Of all the blue holo polishes I've tried, this is by far my favourite in terms of application & for the stunning colour.

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