Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sugarpill Lashes

Although I don't wear them day to day, I love false lashes to finish off a look for a night out. So, when Sugarpill added a huge array of lashes to their shop, I had to try some. At $5 -$8 a pair, they are an absolute bargain & there's a great selection to choose from.

I chose four pairs; Angel Baby, Precious, Toxic & Dreamy. So far, I've only worn Precious out, but I loved them, they were easy to apply & compared with other lashes I've tried, they felt incredibly lightweight once on.

Precious lashes are probably the most subtle-looking of the four pairs, but I love the shape. They're similar to the lashes that came with the Kat von D Tattoo Chronicles Volume 1 palette, which I absolutely loved & wore to death. As I said above, these were very light on the eyes, more so than the KVD lashes.

Angel Baby

The Angel Baby lashes are a gorgeous deep violet. I think these would look amazing with a black, purple & silver smoky eye. As with Precious, they aren't overly OTT, but they are stunning.


One of the first pairs of lashes to catch my eye, Toxic are two-toned lashes; black base with smaller strands of green. For some reason, the black lashes have a hint of blue to them.
The major draw, besides the colour, was the shape of these. I've had plain black lashes with this kind of shape & they've been some of my favourites so a more colourful version was definitely a plus.


The last pair I bought is the Dreamy lashes. These are longer, more fluttery lashes that have the added bonus of a subtle flash of silver glitter to them. Glitter? That's me pretty much sold, then. Although these are longer than lashes I usually wear, they don't look as though they'll weigh down my eyes as they're quite fine. 

Although I've only worn one set so far (I'll be giving another set an outing soon, but it's a bit of a dilemma which to choose), I'm really happy with these lashes & would certainly buy more lashes from Sugarpill. Whilst they're lightweight, they're not flimsy and the price is unbeatable.


  1. I loveeeeee the TOXIC ones... Stunning!! xx

  2. I agree, toxic ones look gorgeous!