Friday, 3 February 2012

Kat von D - Mi Vida Loca Palette

The latest palette from Kat von D's line at Sephora; Mi Vida Loca. Whereas a lot of her previous palettes have concentrated on a smoky eye theme, Mi Vida Loca is all about bright colours, you won't find any darks inside this one.

Of all of the KVD palettes done in this style, Mi Vida Loca has what I consider to be the best packaging. Its artwork on the lid is really colourful & it's so pretty.

Pop open the gorgeous lid and you'll find eight eyeshadows & a mini Autograph pencil eyeliner inside, along with a decently-sized mirror nestled in the lid.

The four colours on the left-hand side are on a pink/purple theme and whilst they have a shimmer to them, not all are as out & out frosty as shades that have appeared in previous KVD palettes. In fact, with some of these shades, the finish is similar to the more shimmery satins from MAC.

Swan Song, Altruism, Sparklehorse, Dublin

I'm taking the names of the shades from the Sephora site because the label on the back of the palette, whilst having the same names, doesn't correspond with the colour description on the website. Kat herself posted a look she'd done using this palette on Twitter and the names she used for the colours in the look matched Sephora's site & not the label.

The first shadow, Swan Song, looks like an off-white but it has a pale pink iridescence to it. It's similar to MAC's Pink Opal pigment but is more subtle; the pink is toned down a touch & the finish is far less frosty. Altruism is a pale silvery pink that's not dissimilar to MAC's Pink Freeze, it's also one of the frostier shades in the palette.
Next in is Sparklehorse (I love the name), it's described as being a hot pink purple. The photo above shows it as being less pink than it really is. Another shimmer shade, but in the satiny shimmer vein rather than full-on frosty shimmer.
The last shade in the pinks/purples is Dublin, a mid-purple shimmer that shares the same finish as Sparklehorse.

Swan Song, Altruism, Sparklehorse, Dublin

The swatches were done straight on to bare skin using the shadows dry. The hardest to swatch was Dublin, due to it needing more shadow to get the swatch as strong as the other shades. Had I used it over primer, it probably wouldn't have been quite so difficult.

Mad Max, Drama For Yo Momma, No Regrets, Marya

The blue/green/gold side of Mi Vida Loca. Mad Max, a really vivid sky blue shade, is the lone matte shadow in this palette.
Drama For Yo Momma is a shimmery kelly green that, much like Sparklehorse & Dublin, isn't overtly frosty.
No Regrets is a gold with more of a frosty, metallic finish. There appears to be a touch of tiny sparkles to this one.
The last colour in the palette is Marya, a vanilla shade with the same texture as No Regrets, including the subtle sparkle.


The mini Autograph pencil is Wonderchild, a bright, electric blue with a touch of shimmer to it.

Mad Max, Drama For Yo Momma, No Regrets, Marya, Wonderchild

As with the previous swatches, these were done over bare skin using the shadows dry. I was very surprised by Mad Max, and pleasantly so. It's an incredibly soft-textured matte that was extremely easy to swatch & required very little product to build up a good, strong swatch of colour.
I found Drama For Yo Momma, No Regrets & Marya to all be easy to swatch, although Drama For Yo Momma is very soft & powdery in texture. I could see this one having a bit of fallout when applying.
Wonderchild applies well with no skipping, dragging or tugging.

The Verdict on Mi Vida Loca? Quality-wise, it's on a par with previous KVD palettes. I have no complaints about the texture or pigmentation of these shadows & the packaging, as always, is stunning. What I would say is if you're looking for super-bright neon shades, this could be a disappointment. True, they're not exactly shy, retiring types of colours, but for truly verging-on-neon-brights, you'd be better with Sugarpill's shadows & Chromalusts.
However, if you like your colours vivid but not screamingly so, this palette may well be what you're looking for & the colour selection contained within is enough to keep you going for some time.

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