Tuesday, 28 February 2012

MAC - Butterfly Party Crushed Metallic Pigment Stack

The Butterfly Party Crushed Metallic Pigment stack from MAC Cosmetics is comprised of four shades of loose powder.
Butterfly Party

Butterfly Party is a red-toned purple shade with a violet shimmer to it. This particular pigment isn't overly chunky.
Desert Cloud
Despite looking very blue in the picture, Desert Cloud is really a blue-toned darker purple shade. This has a silver/violet shimmer to it that stops it looking quite as blue when applied. Desert Cloud also has a chunky texture to it.

Rain Drop

Possibly my favourite colour in this stack, Rain Drop is a gorgeous teal shade with a slightly minty sheen to it. Although it looks quite clumpy in the picture, it wasn't at all problematic or clumpy when it came to application.

Moss Garden

Another deceptive picture; Moss Garden looks like a silvery grey but in reality, it's a green shade. This is the most metallic of the four colours & it also has quite a chunky texture. To avoid fall-out, Moss Garden needs to be crushed down a little before application.

Butterfly Party, Desert Cloud, Rain Drop, Moss Garden

For the swatches, I applied all four shades dry straight on to bare skin. They all have good pigmentation & went on easily, even the chunky shades. They adhere to the skin really well.

Is Butterfly Party worth getting? If you like very metallic, colourful shades, then Butterfly Party is definitely worth checking out. Because of these being loose, they do take a little more work than a pressed shadow. The packaging has no form of dispenser, so it pays to be careful when using these. After I'd taken all of the pictures, I used Rain Drop in a look & knocked the stack over & it spilt all over the table.

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  1. Is Moss Garden similar to Aquamarine (Surf, baby! Collection)?