Tuesday, 28 February 2012

MAC - Strawberry Patch Crushed Metallic Pigment Stack

Another of the Metallic Pigment Stacks from MAC, Strawberry Patch focuses on metallic pink shades. 

Star Crystal
The lightest shade in the stack, Star Crystal is a bright peach-tinged white pigment. This one is quite finely milled, not too much of an issue with fall-out.

Rose Light

Rose Light looks distinctly salmon-toned inside its pot but, once applied, it becomes more of light yellow-toned pink with subtle silvery shimmer flecks that bears little resemblance to its appearance inside the container. Rose Light is another of the more finely-milled pigments in this stack & it has a nice frosty, metallic sheen to it.

Strawberry Patch

Without a doubt, Strawberry Patch is, to my eye, the prettiest-looking of these four pigments. A vivid medium pink that has a hint of lilac to it. Once applied to the skin, there's a silver sheen that doesn't come across as much in the pot. What lets Strawberry Patch down is its texture; this is beyond chunky!
Swatching it was hard-going, it takes work to get even coverage & there's loose chunks of pigment floating around. 

Moon Rose

The last shade in this stack is Moon Rose. It's a darker pink with a touch of red to it. It also has a vivid, bright pink sheen to it. Moon Rose is another shade that looks a lot better on skin than it does in the pot, and it has a nice, soft texture to it.

Star Crystal, Rose Light, Strawberry Patch, Moon Rose

The swatches were done straight on to bare skin using the pigments dry. The issues with Strawberry Patch & its texture are very much in evidence in the picture.

If you like your pink shades, the Strawberry Patch stack is worth checking out. However, the big let-down comes in the form of the shade Strawberry Patch. The texture is really awkward & hard to work with. The other three are absolutely fine, though, and have great pigmentation.

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