Wednesday, 18 January 2012

MAC - Iris Apfel Shadows

Five new shadows out with the Iris Apfel collection, Silver Gull, Diamond Dove, Howzat, Robin's Egg & Early Bird.

Silver Gull

Despite its name, Silver Gull is a grey shade. The Velvet finish means it has silver sparkles, although you may end up losing the majority of them when you blend this shadow. I found Silver Gull one of the harder of the five shadows to swatch/use, I needed to pick up more of the shadow to be able to get a good swatch.

Diamond Dove

Diamond Dove is a a grey brown shade that leans a little more to the brown side yet the grey is still evident. One of three Matte finishes with this collection, Diamond Dove was the hardest of the three to swatch. I needed to swipe the pan a few times more than I had to with the other Mattes.


Howzat has come out lighter in the above photo, it's actually a really deep grey verging on charcoal. The only Satin finish of the collection, Howzat is one of MAC's Satins that leans to the shimmery side rather than the Matte. This shimmer lends a silvered tone to the shadow.
Howzat was very easy to swatch, taking less shadow to build up a strong colour.

Robin's Egg

Robin's Egg is a bright teal Matte shadow. Despite its Matte texture, I found this one incredibly easy to swatch, it didn't take many swipes across the pan to build up a strong colour. Not at all hard or chalky as some MAC Matte shadows can be.

Early Bird

Like its fellow Matte Robin's Egg, Early Bird is also very easy to get a decent amount of colour from. My picture has washed it out somewhat, Early Bird is actually quite a bright coral shade.

Silver Gull, Howzat, Diamond Dove, Robin's Egg, Early Bird

The above swatches are more indicative of the colour than my pictures of the shadows themselves. Some of them, unfortunately, are washed out.
Although I usually swatch straight on to bare skin, these were done over a layer of Kat von D  High Voltage Eye Primer in Skin as I wasn't sure how well I'd be able to get the Matte shadows to show up. 

My personal favourites from the collection are Silver Gull, Howzat & Robin's Egg for the colours. In terms of ease of use, I found Howzat, Robin's Egg & Early Bird to be the easiest to get good, strong colour from. With both of these variables in mind, my top picks are Howzat & Robin's Egg for both colour & ease of use. 

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