Monday, 2 January 2012

Three Holiday Season Mani's

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you all had a great time over Christmas & on New Year's Eve.

To kick off 2012, here's three mani's I did over the holidays. The reoccurring theme being holo polishes!

The first one is the most messy, sadly. I have quite small finger nails & this required a bit of fiddling around with the polish & remover on cotton buds. I think I may need to invest in a fine brush specifically for this purpose.

For this one, I used the following:
  • China Glaze IDK- base shade
  • Konad plate M69
  • Special Polish in black
  • Glitter Gal Black
  • Metallic silver nail art pen

This next mani was done for New Year's Eve. Along similar lines to the first, but with a couple of differences.

To create this holo-leopard mani, I used:

  • China Glaze L8R G8R as the base shade
  • Konad plate M57
  • Special Polish in black
  • Glitter Gal in Lizard Belly
  • Gold glitter nail art pen

This last mani was done just for fun & because I haven't done anything featuring a blue polish for some time. The products used are:
  • China Glaze 2Nite as the base shade
  • Konad plate M79
  • Special polish in black
  • China Glaze Cosmic
  • China Glaze Nova over Cosmic to amp the glitter up a touch


  1. tutorials please? =D i always have the worst time keeping my manis neat.

  2. I've just done a tutorial for you, I'm just about to post it. :)
    It's not too bad if I'm doing just one colour, it's when I try to get fancy that my little nails cause me problems.