Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Zoya polishes

Breezi, Mira, Lolly & Apple

From the Summertime collection, I went for Breezi & Mira. I also got Apple from the Sunshine collection & Lolly from Mod Mattes.


Breezi, when applied, looks darker than it does in the bottle. It's a denim-blue shade with a glossy, creme finish. Two coats gives good, opaque coverage. Applies easily & smoothly, no skipping.


Described as a blue-toned, medium purple on the Zoya site. The picture above shows Mira to be more blue-toned than it actually is. As with Breezi, Mira is a glossy, creme finish that's opaque & the same shade as the bottle in two coats. Also has great application.


One of the three Mod Mattes shades, Lolly is a bright pink matte. Unlike some of the other Zoya mattes, Lolly has no sheen at all to it, yet it doesn't look flat. Rather, it has a velvety finish to it. Opaque polish that gives good coverage with one coat but two makes it perfect. 


Shimmery yellow-toned apple green from the Sunshine collection. A thinner polish than the others mentioned here, three or four coats will give a properly opaque finish. Really pretty colour for spring & summer.

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