Thursday, 28 April 2011

Kat Von D - Lock n' Load Setting Mist

Since I love the Kat Von D range, I thought that I'd try out the Lock n' Load Makeup Setting Mist. Along similar lines to the Skindinavia & Urban Decay setting sprays, a light mist of Lock n' Load promises to set your makeup & hold it in place.

I've used it for several days now, in place of the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray that I usually use & I'm quite pleased with it.

Lock n' Load is a very light mist going on. It doesn't feel overly wet. Nor does it feel sticky upon dry-down. It's very lightweight & although it gives you a touch of a glow, I found it to give less of a glow than the All Nighter spray.

There's a slight fragrance, it's a fresh, cucumber-type scent. Maybe not to everyone's tastes, but it isn't overly strong & doesn't last long once applied.

As far as keeping your makeup looking good, it held up pretty well for me. After 10 hours, my foundation may not have looked as good as it did upon initial application, but it certainly didn't look a mess. Skindinavia's   original setting spray holds everything in place a touch longer, but it gave me more of a shine than Lock n' Load, Urban Decay's All Nighter gave more of a shine & doesn't keep everything intact for quite as long. I haven't tried Skindinavia's No More Shine spray as yet, so I'm not sure how Lock n' Load would compare to a spray with shine control.

The packaging, as with all of the Kat Von D line, is absolutely beautiful. Black plastic bottle & lid with the line's signature silver rose design all over it. My one complaint would be that the bottle would benefit from a window to show how much product is left inside. As it is, there's no way of telling.
Another great thing is that the spray pump actually worked. My last bottle of All Nighter had a faulty pump & I had to transfer it into another bottle to use it.

So far, Lock n' Load is definitely one of the better makeup setting sprays that I've tried. At some point, I hope to give one of the shine control sprays a go, just to see how it compares. Lock n' Load has worked well for me; oily t-zone with normal skin elsewhere. For those with a more oily skin type, it may not fare so well, but for other skin types, it's worth trying.


  1. Thanks for the great review. =] I'm currently debating between this and UD's Dew Me. I'm still not sure which I want to try. >.<

  2. No problem, Manda.
    I've not tried Dew Me but I definitely prefer Lock n' Load to All Nighter. It's a shame that the UD sprays & this one don't come in smaller sizes like Skindinavia do, it'd make trying them out better as you wouldn't have to shell out for the full size.