Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Latest Sugarpill Haul, Swatches & A Quick Look!

I admit it. Since I got my first lot of Chromalusts, I've become addicted. For this haul, I got Paperdoll, Tipsy & Magentric Chromalusts & Love + pressed shadow.
Like an overly-giddy kid at Christmas, I just had to play with them this morning (I got them yesterday). That meant throwing a quick look together using some of my gorgeous new goodies.

On with the swatches!


Stunning, sparkly lavendar shade. I can see this quickly becoming one of my favourite purples.

Texture, as with all the Chromalusts I've tried, is amazing. Really fine & soft. Blends easily.

Looks so pretty dry but using it with a damp brush turns it into a vivid, almost metallic, lavendar that totally pops.

For the swatches, I've done one swipe, used wet & another using the Chromalusts dry. To illustrate the colours & the shimmer, I've swatched them alongside MAC Pigments that, whilst not identical, are of a similar shade.

Paperdoll wet, Paperdoll dry, MAC Viz-A-Violet wet, Viz-A-Violet dry - inside with flash

Paperdoll wet & dry, Viz-A-Violet wet & dry - in daylight


The turquoise sheen to Magentric is gorgeous, it really offsets the pretty magenta base.

This particular shade looks bold when used either wet or dry.

I couldn't find any MAC pigments that were overwhelmingly similar to Magentric, it really is unique. I chose to swatch it alongside Fuchsia, because it bears a slight similarity (and only slightly) to the base shade & Pink Pearl, due to the blue sheen it has.

Magentric wet & dry, Fuchsia wet & dry, Pink Pearl wet & dry - with flash
Magentric wet & dry, Fuchsia wet & dry, Pink Pearl wet & dry - in daylight


Extremely shimmery, pretty bright green that screams Spring to me. Not that it'll stop me wearing it all year through!

Tipsy looks fantastic with purples, I used it with Paperdoll this morning & the two really compliment each other.

Same deal with Tipsy, none of my MAC Pigments were a dead-ringer. I chose to swatch it with Kelly Green, which was the closest but it's still quite a difference.

Tipsy wet & dry, Kelly Green wet & dry - with flash

Tipsy wet & dry, Kelly Green wet & dry - in daylight

Love +

My search for a good, true red shadow has been somewhat fraught. I fell in love with the the red portion of MAC's Mineralise trio in Danger Zone, but every time I used it, it turned red-orange on my skin.

I'd also tried Makeup Forever's # 99. It wasn't until I came to swatch it next to Love + that I remembered how difficult it was to work with.

Love +  has a very slight sheen to it, no flat-looking red here. What it does have is the best pigmentation ever. It blows #99 out of the water, as you'll see in the swatch. Also, the colour in the pan is exactly what you'll get on your skin.

The picture taken inside has Love + looking a tad orangey, it has no orange tone to it at all (blame it on my weirdly-lit house!). It took just two swipes from the pan using a large brush to get this particular set of swatches. For the MUFE, five swipes resulted in this rather blotchy effect. It probably would have worked better over a primer, but I like to swatch on to bare skin to see the result. The pics speak for themselves.

Love +, MUFE # 99 - with flash
Love +, MUFE # 99 - in daylight

Now for the quick look I did this morning. I used Paperdoll, Tipsy, a touch of Bulletproof & Urban Decay's Revolver.

Paperdoll on the lid, Revolver in the crease, Bulletproof on the outer corner, Tipsy as my lower liner, MAC Blanc Type on the browbone & a bit of MAC's Pearlglide liner in Black Swan (Typographic on the waterline).

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