Thursday, 20 March 2014

Sugarpill - Smitten Limited Edition Loose Eyeshadow

Wow, I haven't done a post in a long, long time! Must try to make sure I update more often.

I decided to my first return post about the utterly fantastic Smitten loose eyeshadow by Sugarpill Cosmetics.
Smitten is another of those gorgeous limited edition shades. I'm not at all adversed to a limited edition, but when a company does practically every item as LE, it takes the sheen off. Happily, Sugarpill do it just right - the occasional LE item popping up every now & then.

As with the limited edition Asteria, Smitten comes in a white box, and has a white lid.
Again, the attention to detail on packaging is great, I almost feel guilty about putting the boxes into the recycling bin!

Colour-wise, this little pot is packed with a hot magenta pink. Shimmer is the key-word here, but it's not large, chunky glitter (not that I'm against glitter, quite the opposite). This is an incredibly pretty sparkle with fine shimmer.

As far as texture goes, Smitten is exactly what you'd expect from Sugarpill's loose shadows - very fine, not at all gritty, chunky or stiff.

For swatching purposes, I've done the usual - applying dry on to bare skin, but I've also swatched it that way alongside an application over the top of NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk. It's pretty much become a staple part of my kit as it makes colours pop.

L - Smitten on bare skin, R - Smiiten over NYX Milk - no flash

L - Smitten on bare skin, R- Smitten over NYX Milk - with flash

As you can see in the photos, Smitten is pigmented enough to be able to hold its own without the aid of a white base, but used over Milk, it amplifies the colour.

Hot pinks are probably my favourite colour. Smitten has quickly become one of my favourites for several reasons; shimmer, it looks great paired with black to make a colourful smoky eye, and it's an almost perfect match for my pink bits of hair (currently done in Manic Panic Amplified Creme, Hot Hot Pink).

Yet again, Sugarpill have made an utterly fantastic product. Smitten is just another reason why they're one of my very favourite brands.

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