Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sugarpill - Cold Chemistry Eyeshadow Palette

The latest palette from Sugarpill Cosmetics comes in the form of Cold Chemistry. If you'd thought Sugarpill were all about the bright colours, this is the palette that will change your mind.

As ever, this is beautifully packaged. The actual palette comes with a slip cover that also features the shattered glass artwork.
Slide that off, and you'll reveal the palette. Instead of the square design of previous Sugarpill palettes, Cold Chemistry is a longer format, with the shadows lying next to each other.

The colours are detailed on the back of the packaging. Instead of just a name, there's a colour-coordinated diamond that corresponds to each shadow, with the name along side.

The lid houses a mirror, cleverly designed to look like a shard of glass, which fits in beautifully with the whole theme of the collection.

The shadows inside are handily labelled next to each pan. As with all Sugarpill shadows, these are large pans - you get an awful lot of bang for your buck with these.

Soot & Stars

The first shade is Soot & Stars. It's a very deep grey, bordering on black, that's loaded with sparkle. Lots of silver shimmer here, and it doesn't lose any of that shimmer once applied. Very smooth texture, loaded with pigmentation. Soot & Stars makes for a gorgeous smoky eye, and because it blends so easily, you could achieve that look with just this shadow & a highlight shade quite easily.

Soot & Stars swatch

For swatching Soot & Stars, I applied it dry staright on to bare skin. No primer was used here, and it took very little shadow to build up a good, strong swatch.

Diamond Eyes

The next shadow along is Diamond Eyes, a shimmery white shade. Although it has a very definite metallic shimmer to it, Diamond Eyes isn't as stark as some frosty white shadows can be, for example, MAC's Crystal Avalanche.
That's not to say it's a barely there shadow at all, just that you can use it for a more subtle effect or build it up to a vivid white.
Super smooth texture, glides on easily & blends really well. Good pigmentation.

Diamond Eyes swatch

Again, this swatch was done with no primer & using the shadow dry. It may be a little hard to see, but the fault lies with swatching a white shadow over pale skin, and not the shadow itself.

Elemental Chaos

Elemental Chaos is an incredibly gorgeous blue-based purple that has tiny shimmers which flash blue or reddish, depending on the light. I'm more of a fan of blue-based purples, red-based shades aren't as flattering on me, and Elemental Chaos more than hits the spot.
Very pigmented, it's packed full of colour. Easy to blend & very soft to work with.

Elemental Chaos swatch

Despite having an increasingly-rare ray of sun peeking through, I still haven't managed to capture those gorgeous sparkles. Swatch was done without primer.


The last shade in the collection comes in the form of Subterranean, a stunning deep green with definite blue tones to it. Shimmery, metallic, and just plain pretty, I can see Subterranean becoming one of my go-to shades when using a green.
This one is a touch stiffer in texture than its palette-mates, but it's just as pigmented & blends just as well.

Subterranean swatch

As always, no primer was used for swatching, and the shadow was applied dry.

L-R - Soot & Stars, Diamond Eyes, Elemental Chaos, Subterranean

Would I recommend this palette? Absolutely. It's a veritable jewel-tones lover's dream. It also makes for a great set of colours for those who love a smoky eye.

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