Monday, 29 April 2013

Kat Von D - Ladybird Eyeshadow Palette

 The newest palette from Kat Von D's Sephora line comes in the form of Ladybird. This is slightly different to its predecessors - every shadow in Ladybird is a matte finish.

As is standard with the KVD range, the attention to detail on packaging is stunning. A metal tin houses eight shadows, a mini pencil liner, and a mirror in the lid.

The colours within Ladybird are:

  • Fur Elise - red toned purple
  • Vespertine - peachy ivory
  • Renholder - greyed taupe
  • Siouxsie-Sioux - dark blue grey
  • Unrequited - peachy nude
  • Harlow - warm, sandy-brown 
  • Wolf - warm, red-toned medium brown
  • Cleopatra - rusty orange brown

L-R - Fur Elise, Vespertine, Renholder, Siouxsie-Sioux, Unrequited, Harlow, Wolf, Cleopatra

The mini pencil liner included is Immortal Love Autograph Eyeliner Pencil, which is a dark brown shade.

All shadows have great pigmentation, Fur Elise is slightly weaker in this department that the other seven shades, but by no means is it a weak, wishy-washy shadow; it just takes a little more to build up to a deeper colour.
Vespertine is a tad on the powdery side, it does tend to fly around a little when you dip your brush in to it.
Every shade is buttery soft, applies easily, and blends very, very well. You won't need to work too hard to achieve a nicely-blended look with these shadows.

Swatch time!

L-R - Fur Elise, Vespertine, Renholder, Siouxsie-Soux

L-R - Unrequited, Harlow, Wolf, Cleopatra

Immortal Love Autograph Eyeliner  Pencil

The swatches were done without primer, using the shadows dry.

Ladybird is a great addition to the Kat Von D line. It's a very versatile palette that can be used to create a daytime-friendly look, or a smokey eye. It also makes a great companion to existing KVD palettes, to give the option of adding more matte shadows to your look. In particular, it compliments the shades in the Saint palette very nicely.

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