Thursday, 4 April 2013

China Glaze - Don't Be A Luna-tic

Being obsessed with holographic nail polish, I had to take a look at the new Hologlam collection from China Glaze. Three shades in particular stood out for me, Don't Be A Luna-tic being one of them.

Don't Be A Luna-tic is a pale seafoam green shade. Thankfully, it's also a linear holo polish, which I prefer so much more than the sparkle variety.

It's a very silvered shade, in certain lighting you won't catch much more than a hint of a seafoam tinge.

As far as application goes, Don't Be A Luna-tic suffers from the same problem as most of the China Glaze holos I've tried previously - if you're not overly careful, it can pull spots of colour from your nail, leaving you with bare patches.
The consistency is thicker than either the Glitter Gal or HITS holos, which may be a contributing factor to those pesky bare patches.

Don't Be A Luna-tic - outdoors in sunlight

Because it is a pale shade, the holo effect isn't obvious in all lighting. Bright sunlight & strong indoor lighting bring out the best of this particular shade. Otherwise, you're left with a pretty, metallic-looking silvered seafoam polish, which still looks good.

Don't Be A Luna-tic - outdoors in sunlight

Another issue brought up by the shade is those pesky nail ridges. Don't Be A Luna-tic really emphasises those, so a ridge-filling base coat wouldn't be a bad idea with this nail polish.

Don't Be A Luna-tic - indoors with flash

Don't Be A Luna-tic - indoors with flash

Performance-wise, I still prefer the Glitter Gal & HITS holos, but Don't Be A Luna-tic's shade is really pretty, and one that I haven't seen an exact match for elsewhere.

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