Monday, 6 August 2012

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - OCC Skin Primer

I ran out of primer in my freelance kit recently & decided to give something new a try. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics OCC Skin Primer has some rave reviews, so it seemed like a good option. Before I use anything on a shoot, I like to try it out on myself to get a feel for it. I've been using OCC Skin Primer for about a month on myself & on shoots now, and I think it may well be love.

Firstly, the packaging is great. Whilst the bottle seems quite small, it's a good thing; it doesn't take up as much room as previous primers I was packing. A tiny amount of this primer goes a long way - a month's worth of use & the bottle still looks full. As the bottle is plastic, there's no danger of it breaking & because of the small opening, you won't end up dispensing too much & wasting any product.

What initially won me over was the texture of OCC Skin Primer. It has a gel-like feel, it's not overly sticky, but it gets a good grip on foundation. It's very lightweight on the skin, unlike some other primers I've tried.
The primer is clear, so it won't affect the colour of your foundation at all. Everything looks smoother & it's not at all difficult to apply your foundation over OCC Skin Primer, something I have experienced with one or two primers.

It did help prolong the wear-time of my foundation, but what I really liked is that it didn't cause me to get overly oily in the t-zone, something which has occurred with some primers. It's not touted as a matte primer, yet it really did help in that regard.

The best bit is that it also doubles as an eyeshadow primer. Having used it on myself & on shoots this way, I've been extremely pleased with the results. For those with oily lids, this does help cut down on creasing shadows. I've managed 7 plus hours & had only minimal creasing on my inner eye, which is my problem area. It also helps your shadows look smoother & I had absolutely no difficulty blending them when using this primer.

OCC Skin Primer was definitely a great purchase & I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again, both for my kit & for myself.


  1. Thanks for the review! This is definitely something I'll be checking out. Just one question though: do you have to use this with an airbrush machine or can you just use your fingers/brush?

    1. No problem. I use my fingers to apply the primer, it does the job well.I did use it with a brush, but I prefer fingers as you don't seem to use quite as much.